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a day on the town

Location: W. 42nd St, Manhattan

It amuses me to glance through my posts and see one day I'm in Cannonsburg, KY and the next I'm posting from Manhattan. I really do love my job.

They got me unloadedlike super early this morning. I stepped out of the bus terminal in Manhattan at 11 AM. Man, I got the whole day to kill.

And forgot to bring my camera. Remembered the mp3 player, forgot the camera. Grrr.

Plans for today: I know I'm definitely gonna go to Rockefeller Center later this evening and see the tree. I saw it last year, but not when it was lit. I do believe it is lit now, so that should be purdy. Thinking about taking that stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge but a) it's colder'n a witches tit and b) i don't have my fucking camera!

Heh. And now that I've joined the masses with this phone posting nonsense I'll probably do a phone post today, too. Just 'cos.

The drive up here from Lexington is a much nicer one than coming across Indiana/Ohio from Illinois. One of my favorite parts of the trip is the little town of Cumberland, Maryland, which is situated on I-68 in the arm of the state that juts out to the west splitting Pennsylvania from Virginia/West Virginia. I've been through there many times, but I love driving through there at night from the west. You come into the town off of a mountain that descends slowly into the valley over 13 miles. You wind around the side of one of the mountains and are greeted by the one of the most beautiful things you can imagine. The small valley is blanketed with the lights of hundreds of small, low buildings set back into the sides of the valley. When you reach the bottom, you twist and curve through the heart of the town on an elevated freeway. To each side, lights stretch out into the night as far as the eye can see through the valley.

This has become one of my favorite night time spectacle when driving. I think I've got enough to make a Top 5 of them.

Top 5 Night Time drives:

1. Cincinnati, Ohio
Being that I live so close to Cincinnati, I've done this a zillion times and I never tire of it. There's nothing quite like driving into Cincinnati from the south on I-71/75. The interstate begins it's descent into the Ohio River bed and you begin to see the town of Covington, Ky off to your right and in front of you. The freeway turns to the left and suddenly the entire skyline of downtown Cincinnati greets you all lit up. It's not like most cities where you see it from miles away and you watch it grow gradually. It sneaks up on you. At this moment, you have not seen the skyline at all, and now you're less than a mile away from it. It's one of the most spectacular sights anywhere.

2. Los Angeles, California
I did this on a trip to southern California a few years ago before I started driving trucks. If you're ever in L.A. at night, you hafta drive up Mulholland Drive. All those movies where they show people looking out over the sprawling mess of lights of L.A. from a hilltop (or from the Hollywood sign, since Mulholland kinda runs behind it), that's what you see from Mulholland Drive. It's an amazing view. Hopefully someday I'll be able to go back and see it during the day time, too.

3. Cumberland, Maryland
Already talked about it, B. (I've been listening to too much Digital Undergournd lately)

4. Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
The twin cities of Wilkes-Barre and Scranton Pennsylvania are nestled in the mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania. I-81 runs straight through it. When you come in from the south, it's much like Cumberland, Maryland, you come down off a mountain and the city starts to spread out before you to your left, gradually becoming brighter, and, as you get to Scranton, bigger. But it's the Wilkes-Barre area that's so pretty. I came in one morning just before dawn broke. The sky was the dark, cobal sort of color and the fog hadn't yet been burned off. It was light enough to see the buildings and the topography of the land but not so light that you couldn't see the lights. It's also very pretty in complete darkness.

5. Reno, Nevada
The first time I went through Reno it was about 4am. I came in from the north out of California. I forget the U.S. Route at the moment, but it comes out of Susanville, Ca and runs to Reno. You come down off the mountain and you can see the entire city below you. The Reno strip, with it's high rise hotel casinos sits off to your right. I'm sure when the day comes that I get to see Vegas this will eclipse this experience.
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