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oh the weather outside if frightful
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: W. 42nd St, Manhattan

I just saw B.B. King get out of his limo, fetch Lucille out of thge trunk and walk into his club across the street. That was kinda cool. Tickets are $71 though. Whew, if it weren't Christmas time I might spring for it.

I had dinner with mybluenotepad down in Chinatown. We had a good time catching up with each other. I am horrible with chopsticks.

I saw the tree and attempted taking pcitures, but I don't know if they'll turn out since it was dark. Guess we'll see when I get back to the truck tonight. Naturally, they'll be online at some point if they do turn out.

The very first thing I did when I hit the city this evening was buy a pair of gloves and a toboggan for my noggin. It's freakin' cold. I needed a decent pair of gloves that weren't work related and I can't seem to find my old toboggan. I thought it was in the truck from last winter, but, alas, 'tis nowhere to be found. So now I have a Yankees toboggan. In NYC, I'm sure I might as well be wearing one that says "Hey look a tourist!". But everywhere else in the country, I'll be stylin'.

I have had some interesting thoughts on human evolution that I intend to flesh out here sometime in the near future. It's kinda on the philosophical, tip, yo. The gist of it is that, we are not, and will not evolve.

On an unrelated topic, can you die from unsatiated carnal desire?

I left the truck running this afternoon. So it'll be nice and toasty when I get there. Which is where I'm headed now. Porn awaits.

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what the fuck toboggan? is that anything like a hat or a toque?? :) toboggan's are for sliding down hills!!

crazy americans...

um, i guess a ski cap... i don't no what else to call it really, i've always called it a toboggan and people knew what i was talking about.... as a result of your inquiry i looked it up in a dictionary and it makes no mention of it being used in reference to head adornment.... maybe it's a southern thing... obviously i know about the really long wooden sled called a toboggan.... hrm... that might make an interesting poll question...

can you die from unsatiated carnal desire?

unfulfillment can eat at you and make you feel so worthless and unaccomplished.

desire is what man thrives on.

mmm, i don't feel worthless or unaccomplished... i think it's just that for the majority of my adult life, from the age of 17 until about two years ago (31)... i was always involved with someone, either seriously dating or married (9 years)... so regular sex was never an issue.... while i thoroughly am enjoying being single, i'd be lying if i said i dind't miss the sex... and the choice i made for a career doesn't present itself with much opportunity for socializing, not to mention, being home only a few days a month doesn't exactly make me "date material"... ;-)

i'm not really bemoaning any of this... i love my life and i'm enjoying the single-ness, but i do miss makin' with the boot knockin' every once in a while

there is always a plus side to being single, no doubt there.

it's so weird with women, and i know this is because of the whole ovulation thing, but i swear it's like you wake up that morning and you are the PROWL, it's like you HAVE to get laid or you're seriously gonna die. i've acutally discussed this with other women before and they are all in agrement. is this similar with men (don't laugh that i am asking this!) meaning are there times of the month, year, whatever when men are more prone to absolutley HAVING to "spread the seed"

for men i think it's every day ;-)

but seriously... i do't know that i can speak for all men, but i know i personally have "cycles", but i've never paid enough attention to its duration or whether it corresponds to anything (full moons, whatever)... i can go two or three weeks and will think nothing on the matter, then i'll go through a rough period where it's all i think about...

something interesting i read once though, concerning the "every day" approach... supposedly, male testosterone is at it's highest in the morning, which explains such phenomena as the legenday "morning wood"... or, if you've ever slept with a male companion on a regular basis, it's the reason why you get pawed in the early morning hours when all you're concerned about is morning breath and the extra 30 minutes of sleep before ya gotta go to work...

mmmm, morning wood is a wonderful thing...
(oops, did i say that outloud?!)

i wonder if there are any studies on it at all?? (not the morning wood thing.)

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