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Location: Manhattan

I guess the pr0n will have to wait. Being Sunday, I can't get a bus outta here until 11pm, so I have an hour and a half to kill and it's too freaking cold to do much of anything else.

Brownie + caramel mocha + internet = something to do

Maybe go out, maybe stay home
Maybe call Mom on the telephone
Well come on!
Well come on!
No fun to be alone!

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where do you park when you get into NYC?

in Totowa, NJ... there's a customer there i deliver to regularly. plus i've started parking there anytime I have time to kill up here. It's in a decent place (well lit, low crime)... and there's a bus line that runs right in front of the place... it's offa Route 46 on Riverview Dr about a block down from Minnisink Rd (i dunno how familiar you are with the Paterson area)... but yeah, it's really cool I've got this place to park... it's a 30 minute bus ride into the city...

Cool. That is slick. My company had a yard about 2 miles from a path station, so it was about a 20 min train ride into town.

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