It ain't pretty being easy... (soopageek) wrote,
It ain't pretty being easy...

thoughts from a snowy weekend

Location: Cardwell, KY

o- Kentucky will certainly be the number one team in the land come Monday morning and were a part of a world record setting event on Saturday. It's good to be a member of the Big Blue Nation.

o- Charlie's Angels 2: Full Throttle could not be salvaged by the brief moments Bernie Mac and Crispin Glvoer spent on screen. In fact, I think I may have actually become dumber from viewing it this weekend.

o- My mom and dad's house rules because they have a salt and pepper shaker which resides permanently in the family room where the TV is. My mom and dad's house does not rule because I have to stand on the front porch to smoke.

o- Give me 3 hours, a seedy hotel room, a bottle a whiskey, and that Julya chick from Fuse TV's Uranium program. That's all I ask.

o- Concerning heavy metal, could the song "Master Of Puppets" be the finest heavy metal song ever written? Listen to it sometime, I mean really listen to it sometime.

Cannot kill the family, Battery is found in me. BATTERY!

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