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live music!
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: Florence, KY

I'll be home by tomorrow evening and while looking to see if there were any decent shows going on in the region, I found out that Jucifer (not to be confused with the much adored Gluecifer) is playing at The Dame in Lexington. Don't even hafta travel. I've never heard them, but heard of them. I tend to become a fan after seeing a decent band live, so, maybe I'll have a new band to be all excited about for a few weeks.

If any of you Lexingtonians are interested in going, lemme know. It's only five bucks. My friend Robin and I are going and, possibly, a guy from her place of employment. Rock and roll.

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Man, AS SOON as I leave Lexington- ya make an offer like that. :-P

my ass was surely kicked

oh my god... Jucifer was incredible... sorry you missed out...

so where are you now? i don't think i discerned that from your dormitory exodus/new apartment entries...

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