It ain't pretty being easy... (soopageek) wrote,
It ain't pretty being easy...

lazy weekend

Location: Cannonsburg, KY

On my way to New Jersey as soon as I finish this post. I spent the entire day yesterday being lazy, playing hearts, downloading junk. It was a nice break. I plan to listen to an audio version of Al Franken's Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them on my drive today. That should last my pretty much the whole trip.

Man, Jucifer was something. If you ever have an opportunity to see them, do so. Stand right at the front of the stage. They have this rig of equipment that is amazing.

She plays a guitar that appears to be strung with bass strings, making it, essentially, a six string bass... but over regular guitar pickups. This is fed through some serious distortion pedals into an amplifier then pumped into a semi-circular stack of sixteen bass speaker cabinets. I doubt there was a single tweeter in their gear. The drum kit was totally clear, filled with all manner of lighting and mic'ed by vintage microphones and amplified into the stack as well. The result, if you're standing as close as you possibly can. was you felt the music as much as you heard it. You're entire body vibrated. Imagine if early Mevlins records had been covered by a hardcore band. That's what they sounded like.

He demolished the head in his snare during the second song and moved a tom-tom in it's place for the remainder of the show. He managed to break the head on that during the encore. They only played for maybe 20-30 minutes, but at the intensity they play, I can't blame them, and I didn't feel cheated. I'm interested in hearing some of their recorded music. It was impossible to hear the vocals over the din of the throbbing music. I'd like to hear if they record the vocals mixed down that low as well. But, like early Melvins albums, I'm sure it'll be largely unlistenable. The magic of Jucifer is on stage. They create a presence both visually and sonically that is rare in a small venue. It is nothing short of amazing.

After the show, Amber, the guitarist chick went and manned the T-shirt table. I went over and bought a patch. I was wishing I hadn't spent money on the booze now. I woulda gotten a shirt. I talked to her briefly, chit-chat sorta stuff. She's so small and cute. It was rather surreal because just 2 minutes ago she was metaphorically kicking my ass in ways I had never imagined. She has the words "ROCK" and "STAR" tattoed across her fingers between the knuckles and the first joint.

I know it's meant ironically, but she is one in my book.


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