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Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Christmas Day I bought myself a Christmas present on my way home. All of the truckstops have these perks programs in an attempt to build loyalty from their customers. When you purchase fuel, it is pretty much the industry standard to receive a free shower for a 50+ gallon fuel purchase plus, on top of that, you earn one penny for every gallon of fuel. This may sound like a paltry amount but when you consider that I easily purchase 400-500 gallons of fuel per week, well, you can do the math. I decided when I began driving that I would pick one of the truckstops and try to purchase most ofmy fuel from them. I chose Travel Centers of America 1) because there are a lot of them throughout the midwest and east coast, 2) my company uses them a lot in their "fueling network", and 3) several times a year they have "double points" months where you earn two cents per gallon.

In the past year I racked up $140 in these bonus bucks, which can be used toward the purchase of anything in their truckstops. Earlier this year I spent $40 on a pair of seat covers because my cat has a nasty habit of clawing at them, so I thought I should probably put a buffer between her and the upholstery.

So Christmas day I bought myself a new digital camera. It's nothing fancy but it is light years ahead of what I was using. It has a small screen for viewing, utilizes light better and can make small AVI movies. I've been playing with it all week, including here in NYC tonight. Sometime next week I'm going to get some GOOD space for hosting my pictures and get a bunch of this stuff online. I took a few little 30 second movies about the city as well as a ton of pictures that I wasn't able to with the other piece of shit I used to use. Night time shots in particular.

You have been warned. ;-)

Now I have a bus to catch if I want to make it back to the truck over in Jersey.
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