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busy week

sheeeeeeeesh.... i'm glad this week is over... my boss has been in town from San Diego for the past few days.... on top of that i ended up working for a few hours today (my day off) and work the next days.... so, i'm looking at about 10 straight days of work before my next day total... (this wednesday)..... at least i didn't have to work so much yesterday or today i guess.... it's just nice when i don't have to go in there for anyting, ya know?

the young polish lady i met on my bus trip a coupla weeks ago returned my email this week.... with all the busy-ness, i haven't had time to reply to her yet..... but i'm filled wih hlots of good feelings since she basically gave me an open invitation to visit her any time down in Cherokee.... now i just need to find the time, energy, and funding to go make a visit sometime i guess.....

i also started lurking a local polyamorous mailing list... just out of curiosity.... i still don't know how i really feel about all of that... but information, in of itself, is never a bad thing....

my ex-gf and i hung out, like, 3 times this week, watching movies, sharing dinner, and stuff.... it's been nice.... she's already talking about losing her current beau... that makes, like two in the past few weeks... i'm so jealous... jealous of her ability to do that i guess..... i wish i had people who wanted to "talk" to me all the time.... of course, sitting here in front of the computer all the time doesn't help.... but then again, i'm not exactly a social beast... hell i don't even have any social circles.... who has time? sheesh....

i'm not really bitter... or lamenting my situation.... i just understand it.... but it doesn't mean i don't feel a little envious of people sometimes.....
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