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hold the press! and meeting new people
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Hold the Press!

I heard another really good record last night from 2003 by the band Pretty Girls Make Graves. I haven't digested enough to know if it deserves a top 5 spot, but it is bloody good.

and Meeting new people...

my pal mybluenotepad sent me an email the other day about a post he saw on Craigslist posted by a young lady who was going to the Northern State show stag and looking to meet folks who might be doing it as well and ring in the New Year together.

I responded to her post and she emailed me back, we've swapped cell numbers and will likely meet up later this evening. She's actually helping the band load-in and set up before the show, so that'll be kinda cool. She's wanting to go bar hopping and what-not aferward which I think may be a tad much more than I want to tie on tonight. The last bus off the island is @ 2:30 AM and if I mis it, I'm here 'til the first bus heads out in the morning. But at any rate, she seems like a cool person... she hasta be if she digs Northern Sate, right? Right?!?

So anyway, I hope every one has a very happy new year.

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have fun and happy new year, my friend.

you too! have fun in minnesota :)

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