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i need to update more

Location: Indianapolis

Now with the holidays over and my working schedule getting on a more even keel, maybe I can keep updated more often. So but anyway, let's play catchup.

First and foremost, be sure and wish angiewarhol a Happy Birthday today.

New Year's Eve: Northern State was a lotta fun. I'm glad I went. Hesta Pryn... smokin'. Zia was nice although we didn't get a chacne to talk a whole lot cos she and worked the T-shirt table and I was standing at the front of the stage. I got to see the entire show, but I wish I could've stayed and enjoyed the entire festivities, but I had that pesky bus to catch at 2:30.

New Year's Resolution: I'm not big on making New Year's Resolutions, since I figure if it's worthy of being resolved to do, one can do it anytime and you don't need a special date to start it. But this is a special year since there is something special to do this year. My New Year's Resoltuon for 2004 is to do everything in my limited power to assist in making sure that George W. Bush is removed from office in the upcoming election. In addition to my own vote I will seek to not only persuade, but encourage people to make it to the voting booths to cast their vote.

The Sopranos: My friend Robin and I watched the first season of The Sopranos together on DVD a few years ago. Since then, an informal tradition of watching each season in its entirety as a marathon has begun. Season four came out this past fall and neither of us have had the time to get together to do so, so Saturday night we began watching Season Four at about 6pm and finished up around 7am.

Current itenerary: I'm heading for Illinois this afternoon to pick up my load then taking it to New Jersey by Thursday morning. After that, who knows?

I began playing Ghost Recon finally (yeah I know how old of a title it is). I was worried about playing it after being thoroughly disgusted by the issues with Rainbow Six that I didn't like. Ghost Recon is certainly an improvement but it's still flawed. Maybe I just don't like these games where as a human you try and control NPC's by giving orders, mapping out strategies, etc... then, well, they don't act like a human would. It's dumb... I'll probably play it for a while then get frustrated with it and chuck it.

With all the candy lying around over the holidays I wonder.. Why is that chocolate tastes so good</i> in the morning.

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