It ain't pretty being easy... (soopageek) wrote,
It ain't pretty being easy...

i am fool and dumb

Location: Columbus, OH

[21:54] (molee) pink keyboard?
[21:54] (gronez) yeah, what of it?
[21:55] (molee) sayin is all
[21:58] (gronez) that fish game is a bitch
[21:58] (gronez) but once you get like 5k yr home free
[21:58] (KiDCoDEa) so u an expert in gay games.
[21:59] (gronez)
[21:59] (gronez) peep that
[21:59] (KiDCoDEa) amazing
[22:00] (KiDCoDEa) u should own microsoft
[22:00] (KiDCoDEa) and make that default wallpaper

Kidcodea is this Portueguese guy who has been hanging around the EFnet mp3 chat rooms for as long as I can remember (well, at least as far back as 1998 anyway. His English has gotten somewhat better over the years, but not really. But, he is a riot. Completely and utterly hilarious, sometimes intentionally, sometimes unintentionally. None of the mp3 chat rooms are what they used to be, Napster destroyed the "underground" communities the mp3 revolution created years ago, but a lot of us still hang out because we've known each other for so long that we still show up from time to time just to shoot the shit As one person in my usual haunt put it "I Keep coming back just to see who's going to die first." Indeed, more than a few people on my LJ friends list are from this very IRC community, even though none of us really hang out there anymore.

But, for the 5 or 6 of you who know what I'm talking about, there is probably a little special place in your heart for Kidcodea. I'd just like to report that, as the transcription above proves, he's still as zany as ever. For you amusement, here's somethng I like to call the Best of Kidcodea. A lot of it is really old and I didn't do the footwork in collecting it (LARM did I think) but every now and then I re-read it, and usually howl with laughter when doing so. Being in Portugal, he was often online while all of us here in the Western hemisphere were sleeping, so he would basically talk to himself, but the logs kept everything. ;-)

For the uninitiated, don't feel like it's some big private joke. Chances are, you'll get quite a chuckle reading it. So if you need a good laugh today, click the cut... otherwise, move along and as you were.

(KiDCoDEa) sweesh effect
(KiDCoDEa) angola loves us
(KiDCoDEa) we are nice colonizers

(kidcodea) jesus *my *keyboard *is *crazy
(kidcodea) my* keyboard *is *messes upt
(kidcodea) now i type with all these funny errorst

(KiDCoDEa) he prolly does sum weird sex tricks
(KiDCoDEa) ya got tha fukin spirit
(KiDCoDEa) whose emo?
(KiDCoDEa) do mp3 have a owner?
(KiDCoDEa) yo skinny equidian youre on
(KiDCoDEa) frank zappa is digged under
(KiDCoDEa) ya dunno them then
(KiDCoDEa) im really fool and dumb
(KiDCoDEa) bobsmith told us that when her mom listened to the walk she liked it , so he knew sumthing was wrong with song, and it became their first hit hahaha i think that proves sense f humor
(KiDCoDEa) dont voice me , im portuguese

(KiDCoDEa) bah just spread it for us

(KiDCoDEa) just get me the damn manic street stuff im really weird and need to listen to hear it now for the perfect suicide :)

(KiDCoDEa) hehehe he thinks we eat linguiça everytime ahhaha (i wish)

(KiDCoDEa) can it fxp my dick?

(KiDCoDEa) i think ya disrespect yaself already by making such an asshole out of ya

* KiDCoDEa is making the coolest ham and cheese sandwich at kitchen

(KiDCoDEa) i sent the glove

(KiDCoDEa) we gay ppl gather around this toy called mp3

(KiDCoDEa) i asked my girl...WHY CAN'T WE BE FRIENDS....she said we could...but she never calls :(

(KiDCoDEa) i know ya are asleep but i like talkin to ya ne way

(KiDCoDEa) man i undertand you deeply

(KiDCoDEa) r2d2 is a gay robot

(KiDCoDEa) man ya just talk and later on ya state ya didnt say what ya said
(KiDCoDEa) if world told ya a skoda was the greatest car would ya buy it?
(KiDCoDEa) hahaha i know this scene for 2 years man...that mp3bench site i have a link to it 1.5 years old...i know every fukin prog in the mp3 world , i prove ya are talkin bout 2 difs thgings and then i dunno nothin???hehehe sure

(KiDCoDEa) Burp!...Fiiiiiuuuuu......
(KiDCoDEa) double grumpf!
(KiDCoDEa) norway are fukers
(KiDCoDEa) sweeshing sound suck

(KiDCoDEa) iskra is a girl then? linaer silogism?
(KiDCoDEa) i have one idling between my legs , she sucks like no other
(KiDCoDEa) i might have nice stuff for ya
(KiDCoDEa) you stuff is viagrated
(KiDCoDEa) you make me so horny just by lookin

(KiDCoDEa) not gettin my attention , must really hurt ya feelings

(KiDCoDEa) i just said i like nofx so that arrrt can really have sumthing against me other than his irracional will
(KiDCoDEa) arrrt i hate ya
(KiDCoDEa) arrrt yep it suxx and i had to listen to the fukers in portugal for 2 hours making stupid noise after seeing the most wonderful delightful performance by yolatengo before
(KiDCoDEa) the spirit is what counts
(KiDCoDEa) arrrt kim g is a droid didnt ya knew that? all ya could see was her knobs

(KiDCoDEa) listen to me ... I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky

(KiDCoDEa) whats fukin site are ya guys using?!??!

(KiDCoDEa) its a cake in europe..i eat it a lot

(KiDCoDEa) one kidcodea..hehehehe i just saw mars attacks again tonght...i guess im continental

(KiDCoDEa) LARM ever wondered that the net has no foreigners? jesus ya americans are really egocentric...
(KiDCoDEa) i know that when i speak fast i make syntax errorzs but who gives a fuck? long as ya can understand 50% of what i say
(KiDCoDEa) dont look at my middle leg zo

(KiDCoDEa) hey guys i love ya ppl, but ya have to see..its 7.30 am not in a good condition these martinis completly ruin me :) i like it though, makes me forget all the good stuff i have in the past...focus on bad experiences said the shrink...easier to forget...nice trick i said...but what if ya dont have those negative times?...i left and didnt pay the billl..then i woke up with a cheese croissant a bit of milk and a beastie sound..was it intergalactics
(KiDCoDEa) every fukin night its the same, im so god damn a topicalized guy, i hate the spot light on me...aint there ne1 with boobs around?
(KiDCoDEa) im head of the topical...yeah its the 90's baby we write in a more ORALIZED way what can i say? or should i write it down?
(KiDCoDEa) jewish ppl have the most aerodynamics concern on penis resistance to friction...circuncision leads the way towards...enlighned by candlewaxed breated jew they scream harder with a non-aerodynamical penis

(KiDCoDEa) breated is baked breast...
(KiDCoDEa) ohh you are dangerous...ya have excellent taste in food, i like salmon too

(KiDCoDEa) i scratch on english
(KiDCoDEa) i wanted to name that back to the future car..the delorien i just lissed lo
(KiDCoDEa) saytan what makes ya think im making fun of you? i never mess up with angry bears
(KiDCoDEa) zzzz larm pull a subject from the useless shit drawer

(KiDCoDEa) codea means in portuguese that exterior part of the bread thats hard and usually no one wants it...i love it...its the codea that is easy for english ppl to mix with code....kiddie code is lame but KiDCoDEa is cool...oh well a nick with a samll history behind...

(KiDCoDEa) ya can get that stuff too if youre banged to hard on the ass, or so i've been told...
(KiDCoDEa) was it too much hand?

(KiDCoDEa) zo is ya site up?
(KiDCoDEa) zo can ya reply plz?
(KiDCoDEa) zo did ya reply?
(KiDCoDEa) did ya reply to my question?
(KiDCoDEa) ne1 alive?
(KiDCoDEa) is my irc workin?
(KiDCoDEa) hey mars wanna leave me in a calss of my own?
(KiDCoDEa) dan rather what?
(KiDCoDEa) dan rather being banged on ass?
(KiDCoDEa) connie chung? is she sum tai whore? they have the fame of being the best...dunno why but since she got where shes is on tv...well she must have a mouth full
* KiDCoDEa raises his huge mechanical dick with fiber veins

(KiDCoDEa) BOVER always that party dude
(KiDCoDEa) i use toilet paper usually
(KiDCoDEa) hey man mind ya biz leave me alone
(KiDCoDEa) im not here to please ya
(KiDCoDEa) bover ya just cant see other ppl happy can't ya?
(KiDCoDEa) i take one dollar coind on my ass, and i need fuel every 2 weeks
(KiDCoDEa) BOVER, bye baby keep that ass well cleaned , one day ill be in america

(KiDCoDEa) just saw jennifer tilly...she makes me so hard
(KiDCoDEa) tilly?
(KiDCoDEa) topicalized under premature conditions makes me horny, no high heels required
(KiDCoDEa) but once ya meet sumone speacial its like a reset from then on
(KiDCoDEa) odd reason? ask larm hes weird, he knows odd
(KiDCoDEa) i sentence you to life
(KiDCoDEa) especially if ya tend to meet tilly
(KiDCoDEa) my mom thinks that too...but ya know moms...
(KiDCoDEa) i tend to love ya pathetic patternal atittude towards me as in cultural feedback...hehe
(KiDCoDEa) citro im ya trone...sit
(KiDCoDEa) im on an "everything that moves " mood
(KiDCoDEa) does the @ state ne veneareal disease?
* KiDCoDEa slaps arrrt leave my sex slave alone
(KiDCoDEa) ne1 wants the trout?
(KiDCoDEa) Crust...i want sum
(KiDCoDEa) #analsex is based on my life
(KiDCoDEa) or just plain walkietalkin' ...such fun...i love ear wax
(KiDCoDEa) this is KiD this is you read me?...oh i see, well if i opened my legs so much for the mystery huh? just gimme sum ear wax.
(KiDCoDEa) want sun glasses? i dont wanna cornea probs on my friends
(KiDCoDEa) ne dyslexics in here?
(KiDCoDEa) thats where the anal starts
(KiDCoDEa) i cant tell ne thing without the presence of my lawyers

(KiDCoDEa) this chess gamez are so i cant sleep
(KiDCoDEa) the big blue? hehehe those ibm dudes are perverts...imagine a chess name big blue...check mate said the huge cock

(KiDCoDEa) nothing like a fucked up mouse...
(KiDCoDEa) ya can remove op status but i still have the hugest dick
(KiDCoDEa) the fukers that took TRPS channel will be killed
(KiDCoDEa) arrrt jesus thats ignorance at himalayen levels
(KiDCoDEa) ´the oralized way...and no 69 needed
(KiDCoDEa) Burp !! FIUuuu...excuse me
(KiDCoDEa) these beans fuck me

(KiDCoDEa) congrats now all ya need is a girl...
(KiDCoDEa) sure ya are...that ego / virgin issue painted the character picture for me.
(KiDCoDEa) im beggining to more and more like ya it good?
(KiDCoDEa) is it me makin sense or are your eyes cleaner, and ya mind open?
(KiDCoDEa) o like ya guys with that picky attitude, makes me horny and makes my balls hard, well sort of...what i really want is sumone that can share penis reflections in an constructive way. - "this is KiD's mom: What have ya guys done to my baby? hes farting and we cant sleep, you foreign brainwashers, leave us with rural culture plz"

(KiDCoDEa) i bet shes makin a big smile at ya
(KiDCoDEa) of course it is , but he has to stress his violent superiority againts a milenar culture
(KiDCoDEa) shes leaves the bathroom at the cafe " So , for a quick piss or just straight shit overload?"
(KiDCoDEa) pcl are ya a Koala?
(KiDCoDEa) i love koalas

(KiDCoDEa) #mp3punk can't join channel (it's invite only) ??? boy this is true punk fashion..punk one " yes need an invitation"...
(KiDCoDEa) better play with palatka then no security at all
(KiDCoDEa) i have my depressions ok?
(KiDCoDEa) molestation?
(KiDCoDEa) i just saw a dick on the road today, in portugal

(KiDCoDEa) citroen is french btw
(KiDCoDEa) i said my friends i had a very influential nice american frind that would get me YLT bsides, they all wanted to make sex with i cant keep my promiseee
(KiDCoDEa) make who xcares?
(KiDCoDEa) get me sum fresh slamon
* KiDCoDEa goez to the salmon grrr
(KiDCoDEa) i know ya guys eat plastic junk on mac's and stuff but ya could know at least real food

(KiDCoDEa) the prob is urban life
(KiDCoDEa) Get rural like i did
(KiDCoDEa) cows love me
(KiDCoDEa) jesus do i have to say sumthing wonderful to plz them?
(KiDCoDEa) sheeps are on drugs
(KiDCoDEa) shave me my friend, shave me....
(KiDCoDEa) heaven 2nd cloud ( besides sinatras one)
(KiDCoDEa) bring sum salmon
(KiDCoDEa) hard to fish from heaven

(KiDCoDEa) mary's (his babe) is jumping from tree to tree , leaping bounds for women in heaven towards saints sexual liberation, tomorrow shell be here, thats why i need a shave
(KiDCoDEa) coz ya arent sleepy and have no arms?
(KiDCoDEa) no the lord guides me so i guess its driven no?

(KiDCoDEa) i have no soul
(KiDCoDEa) i havent said shit coz i didnt want ya guys influenced...
(KiDCoDEa) i am no monster man and i want the same as you guys, exposure to every music out there
(KiDCoDEa) just plain salmon
(KiDCoDEa) mmm mmm mmm
(KiDCoDEa) no but ive got that aerodynamical penis they have

(KiDCoDEa) im farping like mad now, i can laugh makes my intestines go wild
(KiDCoDEa) a saint? did i not ask, not to b disturbed?

(KiDCoDEa) elsanto, you foreign bastard , ya have english probs thats for sure...
(KiDCoDEa) you wouldnt believe the relaxation a sentence like that has done

(KiDCoDEa) sure we pimped together a while back, now hes on drugs and im divine
(KiDCoDEa) wrestling stays true to the american way of doin' it
(KiDCoDEa) do you worship celluloid?
(KiDCoDEa) does it mention the cojones?
(KiDCoDEa) always in that groovy mood huh?

(KiDCoDEa) well at least the spanish boys next door had sum fun on latina vagina...
(KiDCoDEa) too much insense
(KiDCoDEa) im jus an ascii char
(KiDCoDEa) im boundless, the world knows my ass from down under, im huge in every way

(KiDCoDEa) larm you sleep way too much , i think, that isnt good for ya health
(KiDCoDEa) dont forget you die during sleep too, but ya dont enjoy as much
(KiDCoDEa) one way to slow down cellular ageing is to acellerate external events
(KiDCoDEa) can i wake ya up with a nice portuguese fish?
(KiDCoDEa) khaled the indian bastard even though of making it the default for his shitty irc prog
* KiDCoDEa slaps LARMsleep around a bit with a large trout

(KiDCoDEa) btw fishes DO have nationality
*** KiDCoDEa is now known as SQUIZOf
(KiDCoDEa) Hey squizofrenic bastard! who gives a fuck bout that? and dont think that just by reversing girlfriends sentence meaning youll get ne where with me punk
(KiDCoDEa) something small falls out of your mouth and we laugh

(KiDCoDEa) Im da grooviest asciii rocker in tha world
(KiDCoDEa) but still no salmon
(KiDCoDEa) the advantage i have is about 6 hours where i can talk to ya guys in a peaceful manner (while you sleep)
(KiDCoDEa) i've eaten Vol'au'vent which is nice , based on chicken.....everything thats chicken based is popular and sucessful, ..just look at clinton admnistration. they dont even admit they gangbang jews
(KiDCoDEa) i love you 2 baby
(KiDCoDEa) jesus said the same to me and i showed him the finger

(KiDCoDEa) my face is very DPI dependeble
(KiDCoDEa) havent ya guys , onece woke up, only to find that outside there were a ot of low resolution monochromatic dull faces that ignore you?
(KiDCoDEa) i once fucked a 32x32 pixels bitch, i had her softned by my plug in
(KiDCoDEa) i could but nowadays they started this JPG movement...i hate compressed vaginas, i remember the good old days of echo vaginas
(KiDCoDEa) they are lighter, move faster, but are they real? i sat down and asked her "are you truly this?" she told me..."nah , i'm just a representation of wwhat i truly am, boy."

(KiDCoDEa) what am i doing in the mp3 world? ya might then...well its only a visual nag for me, my eyes are way beyond my ears
(KiDCoDEa) how do i write metaphoar?
(KiDCoDEa) hehehe i wont carry on, how do you follow that? im afraid of myself
(KiDCoDEa) hello nasty?
(KiDCoDEa) jesus
(KiDCoDEa) hello tilly
(KiDCoDEa) much betta

(KiDCoDEa) my mom ? i aint a bovine asshole

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