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IRC parody
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: Indianapolis

If you've ever spent any time on IRC, check out the IRC Bible. Some chapters are a little more inspried than others, but it is a friggin' riot to read. I don't post links to crap all the time, people. You know it hasta be good.

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oh man. this is making me laugh.

* Joseph has joined #Bethlehem
* Mary has joined #Bethlehem
fine, we're here, but i really need to get to #Inn
I'm in friggin labour!
/join #Inn
* Unable to join channel (channel is full)

it toldjya it was a riot... i've been LOL'ing (har!) for over an hour now...

yeah that part got me, too.

amy.. amybeth?

it's me.. um, stove/doglove/look_now, whatever the hell my irc names were. i.e. iskra's gf. ha, the name "iskra" sounds so 4 years ago to me.

yes! i'll add you to my friends list :D

oh my...well hello there

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