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i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: Winnemucca, Nevada

It's a Friday night. I'm in Nevada. I like to play blackjack and haven't had sex in ages. I'm in Nevada

My bank account is overdrawn because I'm still adjusting from the Christmas crunch.

I'm in a town with three major casinos and five brothels and I'm broke-ass broke.

Life has a twisted sense of humor.

For another interesting bit of humor, see Sub-Pop's spoof of Pitchfork, before it's gone.

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there are more than five brothels aren't there? have you ever been to one, btw?

there's five in winnemucca... there's dozens all over the state...

i was in a borthel in Wells once last year... had a drink of whiskey, got a tour of the place...but that was all

I read a book about the now defunct Mustang Ranch once... it was really interesting. It was written by a woman who lived there for awhile, not as a prostitute, but doing research on condom use.

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