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Location: Winnemucca, Nevada

Prior to my life as an over the road truck driver I spent 15 years in hell, er, the restaurant industry, I mean. There are so many axioms which, unfortunately are so true "Perception is reality", "People eat with their eyes first", etc.

Yet still I get suckered. I walked into the truckstop to take a shower and the fried chicken smelled so good. I took my shower then got some chicken to take back to the truck.

Uggh. Hard, crusty, probably sitting under the lamps for a couple of hours. I'm from the South, so maybe I have too exacting standards for my fried chicken. Why can't there be a Lee's Famous Recipe everywhere?

This is not unusual of truckstop food, especially the chains. Every few months I get re-suckered by the "all you can eat buffet" bars in these places. When you walk through the dining room, the smell and sight of the food is overwhelming, but in reality it's bland and usually overcooked.

Last night I happened across one of my favorite albums online that I had inadvertently sold a couple of years ago and had no copy of it in mp3. Pegboy's Strong Reaction LP. I got to see them play in Lexington at The Spectrum about six years ago. One of the best shows I ever saw in Lexington.

Left alll alone to bear your soul
And the feeling in your heart is low
And I've hurt so many times this way
And I've seen us all but slip away
And I want it back right now and
I walk alone through sleet and snow and pouring rain to (get!)
Get my heart broken, forever ever lost inside of (it!)
I walk alone to slip and fall on strong reactions
Keep my heart broken, never ever amend myself
That's alright and that's ok

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