It ain't pretty being easy... (soopageek) wrote,
It ain't pretty being easy...

bored... so... with the lists!

Location: Winnemucca, Nevada

I have about 45 minutes to kill before I get back on the road so I'm gonna make a useless, random, rambling journal entry of Top 5's that no one will read because it's the weekend.

Top 5 Album Titles
1. Cunning Stunts - The Cows
2. I Burped and Puke Came Out My Nose - The Floyd Band
3. Dial 'M' For Motherfucker - Pussy Galore
4. Heavens To Murgatroyd, Even. It's Thee Headcoats! (already) - Thee Headcoats
5. Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death - Dead Kennedys

Top 5 People Named Robert
1. Robert De Niro
2. Robert Earl Keen, Jr.
3. Robert Smigel
4. Robert Plant
5. Robert Downey, Jr.

Top 5 Euphimisms for Masturbation
1. Boxing the Clown
2. Spanking the Monkey
3. Choking the Chicken
4. Pulling the Pud
5. Master of My Domain!

Top 5 Reasons I don't like Geroge Bush
1. He's a liar.
2. He's a thief.
3. He's incompetent.
4. He's dumb.
5. His family has business dealings with the Bin Laden family.

Top 5 concepts
1. Peace
2. Love
3. Logic
4. Heaven
5. Infinity

Top 5 songs named for girls
1. "Angie" - Rolling Stones
2. "Gloria" - Them
3. "Barbara Ann" - Beach Boys
4. "Black Betty" - Ram Jam
5. "Caldonia" - B.B. King

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