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Location: Cheyenne, Wyoming

I made it further than I thought I would last night. Sadly, it was dark and rather late by the time I got to Point of Rocks last night. The store was closed :(.

I've been listenng to a lot of comedy albums lately. It's hard to imagine I used to find Eddie Murphy's stand-up funny. Of course, I was 15 then. It's personality and attitude passed off as comedy. I listenend to some Jim Carrey stand-up too, which was largely unfunny as well. On my plate: Eddie Izzard, Mitchell Hedberg, and Bob Newhart (oh yeah!).

Speaking of comedy, I listened to Brak Presents The Brak Album Starring Brak last night. Typically albums of this sort aren't very good, so I wasn't expecting much. Most cartoon humor doesn't translate very well without the visual aid of animation, however, 50% of what makes Brak funny is the brilliant voice charachterization of Andy Merrill. Turns out this is a damn funny record. Should I ever get around to acquiring some on-line disk space, I will hafta put online :"Highway 40" for you to hear. It's a duet with Freddie Prinze, Jr. and is a scream.

And now, a love song from Brak:

This is a song about eating fruit

I would climb the deepest river
Swim the highest mountain
I'd wash my feet in lemonade if that will do the trick
I'd dip my pig in butter
And ride him 'round the playground
If I thought it'd make you love me I'd put soup on a stick!
Soup on a stick!

I knew a girl named Zoe
Who lived in Chicago-ie
She moved to Buffalo-ie
Where it's snowy
But that's another sto-ie

Zoe had a sister
And I could not resist her
I tried one time to kiss her
But I missed her!

And that's how I met Zoe!

Here's the part about cuttin' muffins

And I'm climb the deepest river
Swim the highest mountain
I'd even clean my room if I thought that would do the trick
I'd trade underwear with Zorak
Or give up eating donuts
If I thought it'd make you love me I'd put soup on a stick!
Soup on a stick!

This song comes from the heart of my bottom

I'm so forgettable
That's what I am
So forgettable
Something something... ham

My mom forgot me in a shopping cart
I was raised by stockboys Pam and Art
Do you remember our last dance?
I never wanted to change pants
With you, but we did

And now you got my keys

It's regrettable, like water on the knees
It's inedible, like a bowl of peas

We interrupt this program to bring you a special news bulletin: Today a swarm of giant biscuits attacked...

Hey, you're interrupting my song! Don't you know it's rude to interrupt!

You're absolutely right. I don't know what came over me.

We'll be done in a second. Keep your pants on!

I'm sorry. I shouldn't have taken off my pants

That's alright. Now where was I.

Oh yeah... I'm a cucumber! I'm a cucumber! I'm a cucumber! I'm a cucumber!
I'm a cucumber! I'm a cucumber! Please don't take me to the pickle farm!

Ok, I'm done. Do your little story.


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