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weekend recap
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: Waddy, KY

Last night I met up with Robin and Kristine for a late evening of pool at Maxwell's. I tried to order a Rusty Nail since I had never had one and, apparently I am one - but the pub didn't keep Drambuie on the bar. So I settled for my usual double Maker's Mark straight up.

I saw something interesting. Apparently, the mp3 revolution have moved into the jukebox sector. Maxwell's has a jukebox boasting over 100,000 songs inside. Curious, I ran searches for atypical jukebox sorts of fair. They had 56 Butthole Surfer songs, 20 some odd songs by Refused not to mention all manner of punk like the Ramones and Sex Pistols. A mischievous punk with a few bucks in his pocket could have a blast pissing off patrons in a conservative establishment such as this one, who were drunkenly singing along with Garth Brooks tunes most of the night.

I suck at pool, but enjoy playing. The three of us played several games of pool before Kristine bowed out for the evening, then Robin and I went to this dood Tony's place and hung out. I played some spades for a while with some of the other attendees before we made a late night trek to Waffle House as a group. Needless to say, the jukebox choices were much less interesting there.

I crawled into bed about 4am and slept most of the day. How was your weekend?

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i have been wearing the same pants and sweatshirt since friday night at nine o'clock.
so, yeah, pretty good :)

I went to the Waffle House for the first time a little while ago. I find it interesting that the WAFFLE House waiters say that the pork chops are really the specialty. They weren't bad really. I think I would have been happier whith a waffle though.

you went to to waffle house...for the first time?!?!

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