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Someday, the opening monolgues and rants from the Dennis Miller Show that aired on HBO throughout the 1990's will be viewed as an erudite, yet entertaining encapuslation of the era. Over the past couple of years I've managed to collect most of them as they've been flooded to Usenet; last night I acquired about a dozen more that I didn't already have. Had a blast listening to them today. The only thing that seperates holy writ from complete bullshit is your own perspective. Sure he's an insufferable prick, but he's an adorable insufferable prick.

I listened to David Cross' Shut Up You Fucking Baby! double disc. While I've often found Mr. Show to be a hoot, I've come to the conclusion that David Cross is as much a sanctimonious asshole as the members of the Christian right he takes great glee in trashing. His stand-up was rather disappointing and boring, kind of like a Jello Biafra spoken word concert in its self-righteous tone, only less informative, interesting or funny.

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