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Helllooo Memphis

Location: Olive Branch, Mississippi

I'm about 5 miles south of Memphis, so a big howdy to tart_kitten and cheeseburger from, um, HERE.

I'm heading to the west coast again, Oregon to be exact. I picked up my load today in Talladega, Alabama and made the brief trek across US78 to Memphis. It was interesting, when I crossed a bridge over the Tallahatchie River, I couldn't help but think of Billy Joe McAllister, or later, when driving through Tupelo both the band Uncle Tupelo and Van Morrison's Tupelo Honey instantly sprung to mind.

And now I'm in the city of Beale Street, Graceland, and Sun Records and haven't the time to explore.
So anyway, a brief itenerary of the next few days: by tomorrow I should make Oklahoma City and by Saturday, Winslow, Arizona (standing on a corner....) leaving me with ample time to hit LAS VEGAS by Sunday night. Yeeeaaaah. I intend to spend the evening in Vegas checkin' out the strip and gambling my hard earned money away. By Monday I should make it a little past Reno (I'll start having some issues with my hours of service by then) before I have to shut down again for the day, and then sometime on Tuesday morning I should make it to Grants Pass, Oregon. I'm thinking when I'm in the Winslow area of checking out the meteor crater that's near by. I considered trying to make a foray up the Grand Canyon but I don't think time, or my hours situation is going to permit it.

This will pretty much take care of all the southern/south-western states on my "states visited map" this trip. Although, I guess techincally I didn't really see much of Mississippi and I'll only be going through the panhandle of Texas. I'm sure I'll be inundating you with tons of pictures now that I can.

Speaking of which, I have my picture server fully operational now, as well as most of my photo collection online (thumbnailed and everything!). I still have a little work todo on the thumbnail albums, so I won't post any links to them just yet, but as a taste. Here's a picture for you to gander at.

Damn, that is one fine looking mother fucker.
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