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the ethical slut

I read a book this week entitled The Ethical Slut - about among other things... the topic of non-monogamous living.... it's a good book for anyone interested in fostering more open and ethical treatment of others in relationships, monogamous or not.... i highly recommend it.... my ex-gf showed interest in wanting to read it as well, so it has been loaned.....

besides the book i've also immersed myself and more and more into the local poly community via an internet mailing list... turns ot they have monthly get togethers to socialize, provide support.... i'm thinking about attending one, just to get to know some people of like mind... maybe make a friend (or lover) or two... who knows? ;-)

going to the casino again tomorrow to see if my hot streak at blackjack will continue..... it's been nice having some extra cash in my pocket lately... i hope it does continue....
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