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to train or not to train
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
So's I wake up this morning and there is a message on my Qualcomm asking me if I am interested in becoming a trainer on this dedicated account I run.

Just like that out of the blue.

Hmmm. I've given it some consideration before. The pros and cons usually look something like this:

1) More money. Trainer/trainee trucks are typically operated like teams - higher miles/longer runs and the trainer makes ALL the mileage pay while the trainee make a flat fee. Trainees can be in training up to 8 weeks and after the first couple of weeks, they can at least drive out their 11 hours every day with little to no supervision, only on the harder things like backing, etc. Once they are at that stage, the truck can roll pretty much 24/7, one person drives, one person sleeps. That earning potentnail has not escaped me - nearly twice the miles for the half the work? How sweet is that?

2) Another person in the truck from time to time would help break the monotony of travelling alone. Plus just the abiity to meet people would be interesting.

1) I'd hafta find some place to ditch my cat the weeks of the year I have a trainee on board, which presents a problem since I don't really keep a residence nor do I really know anyone who would be willing to take her in sporadically for weeks at a time. This truck has beome her home as much as it is mine.

2) I've grown very accustomed to doing whatever I want, whenever I want. Being a trainer would be a commitment to having another person in that equation at least 6 months out of the year. I would have to make space for them, physically and mentally to accomodate them.

I told them I'd think about it and let them know the first part of next week. Actually, if it weren't for the cat situation, I'd probably do it. It's not like I couldn't decide later that I don't want to do it anymore. Any o' you Lexingtonians want a part-time house pet?

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(Deleted comment)
even without the issue of the cat, i'ts not something i'm sold on, but with the cat, i don't have the option of trying it out to know for sure.... one option for cat care presented itself today... so we'll see :)

I'd take the kitty.. but kitties make me die.

You'd be a good trainer... I totally understand about not wanting to lose your cat. They are much better than most humans. Fucking loyal and loving. I really dig the pictures of her in your cab sitting on the dash. That is exactly what I wanted when I was thinking of driving. Just me my cat and a laptop. :)

you know now that you're un-married... it's something you could reconsider... as i recall that as the primary reason you decided agasint it was because of your marriage... :)

they won't let you keep the cat? they could ask the newbies if they mind cats.. *shrug* Seems like a big sacrifice if she's been your eternal companion

i'm sure i could if i wanted to, but -i- don't want to try and have two people AND cat in that confined of a space :)

Where is your sense of adventure! :D

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