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the big texan
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Coming across Arkansas and Oklahoma today I kept seeing billboards for this place in Amarillo, Texas, boasting that it was the home of the free 72oz. steak.

Think about that. 72oz is a 4.5 pound cut of steak. But, free? I noticed there was an internet address on billboard. So, I decided to check it out when I got to Oklahoma City. I love a good steak and I keep seeing this billboard, so I've pretty much decided that, while I'm in cattle country such as this, I'm going to eat me a steak dinner tomorrow, I might as well see what the catch is.

So get this, The Big Texan is a restaurant featuring this 72oz steak. It is a $50 dinner which comes with a shrimp cocktail, a salad, a baked potato, a roll, and this monstrous slab of beef, however, your meal is free if you can complete the meal in one hour. The entire meal, in one hour.

According to thier website, over 30,000 people have attempted this feat, and only 4,800 people have been successful. One guy ate the entire meal in 9.5 minutes! Another dude at two of the meals in one hour.

Now I'm a scrawny little guy. I know there is no way I will be able to eat it in an hour. I probably wouldn't be able to finish it, period. If it weren't for all the extra crap, I'd say no problem... I can put away some steak. But the salad, shrimp, potato and dinner roll are gonna fill me up.

Still it is tempting... if nothing else, for the story I'll have. While $50 is pretty steep for a meal, I just may go for it.

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i have a couple questions about your lifestyle
1: how do you connect to the internet
2: you ever go to those "trucks porn shops" where they give you a happy ending? you know what im talkin about

1. Flying J truckstops have WiFi at all of their locations (160+ locations nationwide). I stop at a Flying J, I have internet :)

2. The only cathouse I've been in was a Nevada brothel in Wells, Nevada called "Donna's". I went in, had a drink and got the line call and left.

you gotta go for it. I ate there is '91 and came reasonably close to finishing the stuff... It's A WHOLE MESS of food. The baked potato is HUGE... The salad is HUGE... Everything is HUGE!!! It would be awesome if someone that I knew actually completed that.

Your coming across 40? When are you going to come through Flagstaff. I'm an hour and a few minutes from there. If you've got the time I'd like to meet you. Send me an email if your interested.

I'll be coming through Flagstaff sometime on Sunday afternoon. If ya want, e-mail me your phone # or comment it back here and I can give ya a call sometime tomorrow night or Sunday when I have a better idea of what time I'll be coming through. :)

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