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Location: Amarillo, Texas

And I tried the 72oz. steak. I'll put this behind a cut in case some of you are squeamish about the thought (and pictures) of eating the carcass of bovine.

It is beautiful in the southwest today, clear blue skies and in the mid-40's. I hear it's snowing back in Kentucky. Heheh, chumps.

The Big Texan sits off of I-40 between two exits where all the truck stops are. They offer a shuttle service from the truckstops to the restuarant/motel, but they also have their own truck parking in the back. Here are some pictures I took outside.

Inside was like an old western saloon, with the railed balcomy surrounding the main room of the building. Longhorn skulls and mounted deer heads hung everywhere.

I was given my menu and I contemplated whether or not I really wanted to do this. I mean I know there was no way I would eat all of it, so why waste the money? It didn't help matters that you had to eat your meal on this raised platform at the front of the restaurant beside a big electronic clock counting down your hour. I almost chickened out, but I thought, you know, this is one of those things that you just gotta do. If for no other reason at all, to say I did it. To have another story to tell, particularly, for my first trip to a place like Texas. So, what the hell. I told the waitress I wanted the 72 oz. steak and she brought me the papers to fill out. Yeah, papers. Basically it states the rules for the steak eating contest. I was already aware of them having read them online so I quickly filled out the form and she asked how I wanted my steak cooked. Rare, naturally. That's the only way to beef.

I smoked a cigarette while waiting and noticed the cook was motioning for me from the open air grill over by the platform. I walked over and he told me he wanted to meet his next victim and set the plate down on the counter with my steak. Meat my opponent:

Well, it's really hard to appreciate how big that is from that distance. My waitress arrived from the kitchen with my salad, potato, roll, and shrimp and I took my seat at the table on the platform. The deal is that you have to first cut the steak open and make sure that it is prepared to your liking, and then take one bite to make sure that it tastes ok. Once you are satisfied, they start the clock

Mmmmm. I almost hated to cut it open.

My watiress turned on the electronic clock as well as a PA system and picked up a microphone. She introduced me to the patrons and encouraged them to give me their support. A couple sitting right in front of the platform offered to take a picture of me with my steak, before I began digging in the clock started ticking.

And I dug in.... and their silverware sucked. I bent up one fork in the first few minutes. It went quickly at first. I had been saving myself and was rather hungry. All I had had to eat in the past 24 hours was two Pop Tarts the night before around midnight. I didn't bother with the other food, I just wanted to see how much of the steak I could put away.

After 12 minutes, I was doing pretty good.

But as time wore on and my stomach started to fill, I began to slow down and roughly 35 minutes into the process, I threw in the towel. God, I am so full. I think I'm going to lay down and take a little nap before making the rest of the journey to Albequerque tonight. The little drive I made up here to the truckstop for the internet access got my stomach feeling rather queasy :).

So how well did I do? When I finished they took what was left of the steak and weighed it. There was only 22 oz. left. I mananged to put away 50 oz. of steak. In the end, my plate looked like this.

I won't be eating steak again for a while. In fact, I probably won't be eating anything for a while.

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wow. you can't really tell how big the steak is until you get to the pic of it sitting in front of you. damn big piece of meat.

did you order yours rare?

guy, you need way more shit like this in your journal, so i can live vicariously through you
that steak didnt look big, like the commenter before me, utnil you see you sitting in front of it. and holy shit is it rare. practically mooing. thats sooo funny, dood.
so how much was it then?

ive been tempted to try this thing at spikes, the hot dog joint out of providence RI. theres one on brighton ave in boston (allston), and if you eat more hot dogs than the guy whos eaten the most hot dogs, they are all free. you have to do it in an hour and you cant leave to use the bathroom. one of these days, man.

Well, now that I can post pictures, I intend to do more journal entries like this :).

It was $50 for the whole shebang. And pretty much similar to the hot dog place you're describing. Once you sit down and the clock starts you cannot stand up, leave the table, etc until the timer is out of you give up. Actually, one of their rules was that if you got sick, it was automatic forfeiture and to "kindly use the container provided if necessary". Sure enough, on the floor beside the contest table was a big plastic bussers tub to puke in if you needed to. ;-)

yeah, i'm glad that couple offered to take that picture of me... you don't really appreciate the size of that steak until you see it on the plate with my arms and chest behind it for reference :)

Yeah, that fucker was almost as wide as YOU are.

So... did all that meat consumption cause your cute little dimples to pop out? Or are they still intact, eh?

And... by "naturally" do you mean to imply that it is "natural" to eat a cow that is in its "natural" living state (or, close to it?). lol. If that be the case, I sure ain't natural (I like my meat dooooone). :)

Re: silly blood eater

by naturally i mean that most lovers of beef agree that a rare-to-medium rare is typically the most flavorful way to consume beef...

i actually prefer all sorts of beef prepared rare-to-medium rare... i like steaks and prime rib as rare as possible... i like it to moo when i stick the fork in it... with a steak, just sear it a little on both sides and i'm good to go...

ground beef is not usually advised to be eaten rare for health reasons (e. coli) but i'll go with medium rare from a respectable burger establishment that grinds its own beef... you certainly wouldn't want to get a rare burger from mcdonald's, but at Fuddrucker's? hell yeah....

roast beef is generally best when it is right around medium... just a touch of pink but mostly brown through and through.... besides, you gotta cook it enough to get enough juice to make the gravy for your mashed potatoes or rice ;-)

a former boss of mine and i had a conversation about beef one time - he was a big beef lover as well and we were on the topic of steaks... he made a comment which is so true... there is nothing more embarassing than taking someone to a really good steak place and they order it well done.... ;-)

Cry little Hindu! Cry!

Take more pictures while you are there. I am sure I will never visit Texas and you take lovely pics. The skies are beautiful there today (especially compared to the cloudy/snow/rain thing going on here in KY today).
You did a damn good job on your steak. I think I could have eaten that much. (At least I am going to live in my little world of thinking that. LOL)
It is hard to get a mental image of a 72oz piece of carcass but seeing you sit in front of it.. Damn thas' a massive hunk of meat.
I couldn't eat it rare though. I can't eat anything that isn't well-done. I suck.

Re: Cry little Hindu! Cry!

I should have some really nice pictures tomorrow as I go through New Mexico and Arizona :) stay tuned!

That was amazing.. Brought a tear to my eye.. I passed that place more times than I can count.. Never stopped.

BTW< no pictures of your truck tho.. Just the shadow of it ;)

someday in the near future... (after a good washing and a thorough cleaning inside) i plan to do a pictorial tour of my truck... maybe with video :)

actually i was thinking today while i showered at the TA up the street that i will probably do some other "inside the life of trucking" sort of entries... i mean, it will be old news to you, but there's a lot of people who have no idea what life is like on the road... i was thinking this as i marveled at the roominess of my shower stall (it was handicap accessible and therefore HUGE)... and i was thinking, you know, 90% of most people have never been in a truckstop shower stall....

i need to revisit that truckstop in grand rapids that has the dual shower heads (i think that's where it was anyway)... that was a real mindbender... but cool... it had two showerheads, one on each end, so you got showered from the front and the back simultaneously...

i need to carry my camera out of the truck more... even the mundane things about my lifestyle are probably at least minimally curious to people who know nothing about it :)

I nkow.. People don't know about all the good and bad out there.. the nice showers.. the bad in trying to find a s pot to park in some areas of the country.. I wish I would've taken more of the mundane pictures while I was on the road. Its a fun lifestyle and its got alot of stuff people don't think about. LIke the little "movie theaters" at some truckstops.. the $.01 per gal bonus' alot of the stops have..

*sigh* I miss that some days so much

heh... TA's doing double bonus point for February! wooho

Congrats on eating 50oz, but, how much was the steak?

The entire meal was $50. :)

That's a good deal, even though you "only" ate 50 oz. I'd order the 72 oz steak, but I wouldn't like being on a platform and so on.

Hey soopageek,

finally saw the pics. You could have had a steak in Kentucky for free! Love, mystery woman.

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