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Location: Amarillo, Texas

And I tried the 72oz. steak. I'll put this behind a cut in case some of you are squeamish about the thought (and pictures) of eating the carcass of bovine.

It is beautiful in the southwest today, clear blue skies and in the mid-40's. I hear it's snowing back in Kentucky. Heheh, chumps.

The Big Texan sits off of I-40 between two exits where all the truck stops are. They offer a shuttle service from the truckstops to the restuarant/motel, but they also have their own truck parking in the back. Here are some pictures I took outside.

Inside was like an old western saloon, with the railed balcomy surrounding the main room of the building. Longhorn skulls and mounted deer heads hung everywhere.

I was given my menu and I contemplated whether or not I really wanted to do this. I mean I know there was no way I would eat all of it, so why waste the money? It didn't help matters that you had to eat your meal on this raised platform at the front of the restaurant beside a big electronic clock counting down your hour. I almost chickened out, but I thought, you know, this is one of those things that you just gotta do. If for no other reason at all, to say I did it. To have another story to tell, particularly, for my first trip to a place like Texas. So, what the hell. I told the waitress I wanted the 72 oz. steak and she brought me the papers to fill out. Yeah, papers. Basically it states the rules for the steak eating contest. I was already aware of them having read them online so I quickly filled out the form and she asked how I wanted my steak cooked. Rare, naturally. That's the only way to beef.

I smoked a cigarette while waiting and noticed the cook was motioning for me from the open air grill over by the platform. I walked over and he told me he wanted to meet his next victim and set the plate down on the counter with my steak. Meat my opponent:

Well, it's really hard to appreciate how big that is from that distance. My waitress arrived from the kitchen with my salad, potato, roll, and shrimp and I took my seat at the table on the platform. The deal is that you have to first cut the steak open and make sure that it is prepared to your liking, and then take one bite to make sure that it tastes ok. Once you are satisfied, they start the clock

Mmmmm. I almost hated to cut it open.

My watiress turned on the electronic clock as well as a PA system and picked up a microphone. She introduced me to the patrons and encouraged them to give me their support. A couple sitting right in front of the platform offered to take a picture of me with my steak, before I began digging in the clock started ticking.

And I dug in.... and their silverware sucked. I bent up one fork in the first few minutes. It went quickly at first. I had been saving myself and was rather hungry. All I had had to eat in the past 24 hours was two Pop Tarts the night before around midnight. I didn't bother with the other food, I just wanted to see how much of the steak I could put away.

After 12 minutes, I was doing pretty good.

But as time wore on and my stomach started to fill, I began to slow down and roughly 35 minutes into the process, I threw in the towel. God, I am so full. I think I'm going to lay down and take a little nap before making the rest of the journey to Albequerque tonight. The little drive I made up here to the truckstop for the internet access got my stomach feeling rather queasy :).

So how well did I do? When I finished they took what was left of the steak and weighed it. There was only 22 oz. left. I mananged to put away 50 oz. of steak. In the end, my plate looked like this.

I won't be eating steak again for a while. In fact, I probably won't be eating anything for a while.

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