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acomita ghosttown
Location: Winslow, Arizona

This afternoon I stopped at one of two ghost towns I have planned for this trip. Acomita lies about an hour west of Albequerque, New Mexico on the Acoma Indian Reservation. The village I visited is actually inhabited, however, the remains of the old pueblo lie scattered through out the valley created by the mesas all around.

The particular location I chose was built into the side of a small mesa (hence the diminutive suffix on the pueblo's name) and had a high concentration of these old buildings, some of which were inhabited well into the 20th century as evidenced by the remains of old electrical wiring and even a refrigerator in one of them.

It's a weird mixture of the modern and the ancient. Everywhere are relatively newer homes made of adobe, or constructed to look like they are made of adobe at the very least.

The old peublo buildings are constructed of sandstone rock with a mud finish on the interior for insulation. In many cases, the mud finish was still intact, however in some others, the weather has slowly eroded it away. You can still see some of the mud on the wall in the picture below.

The roofs were made of lumber, most of which had caved-in by now. This was achieved by setting poles into the tops of the walls during construction then laying boards over the poles at the top, giving it that classic southwestern architectural look of buildings with the wood pools sticking out of the sides of them.

All in all, on this little mesa I investigated, there were nearly a dozen of these old structures, mixed curiously with the newer homes. Some of the better structures were still being utilized as sheds and such, but most of them sat completely disshevelled. They probably still remain only because they exist on land that is too vertical to bulldoze and they are too troublesome to dismantle.. Some of these structures are a couple hundred feet above the valley floor on the side of this mesa.

I spent maybe 30-45 minutes roaming around and exploring these old structures and taking pictures. Here are a few more to look at.

And there are lots more too if you're interested. You can check out the entire set of pics I took if you like, as well as two small movies I made while at Acomita. I smooshed them together into a little movie (WMV, 6megs)

Today I have plans to visit a modern ghost town in Nevada. It was an early 20th centruy town with asphalt streets, bank buildings, business officies, etc. When the mines dried up in the 1940's so did the town. Should be interesting. I'll be sure to take tons of pictures. :)

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very interesting. what are you using to post? you have cell modem? are truck stops wired? I used to hang out in this truckstop on I-65 on my way to and from WKU when I went to school there and was somewhat fascinated with them. Please write about or point me to your thoughts on truck stops and any seediness/splendor contained therein.

Flying J truckstops put WiFi in all their truckstops pretty much... so all I gotta do is find a Flying J and I have broadband internet ;-)

actually, just the other day i was thinking i should take more pictures/tell stories about the more mundane aspects of this life, just 'cos, to someone not familiar with it, it might seem exotic ;-)... this occured to me the other day when i was taking a shower and marvelling at the size of the shower stall and i thught to myself, you know, there's probably a lot of people who would have no appreciation for this because they've never been in one

so i intend to do so... but right now with all this ghost town visiting... it may be a few days :) this is way more cool than a shower in a truckstop ;-)

Isn't Winslow, AZ in some song?

well i'm runnin' down the road tryin' to loosin' my load
i got seven women on my mind

Yeah, the Eagles "Take It Easy"... i think Jackson Browne wrote it but i won't swear to it...

well i'm standin' on a corner in Winslow, Arizona
it's such a fine sight to see...
it's a girl, my lord, in a flatbed Ford
slowin' down to take a look at me..

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