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i'm being lazy
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: Gary, Indiana

I haven't felt much like writing lately, so in a cheap and dastardly ploy to get your attention and maybe a comment in my mailbox.


Why yes, I do have the bestest cat in the whole wide world.

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me mocking soopageek: "oooh, lookameeee! I have a cute little kittie and I'm gonna shove it in your face because you don'tttt have one! No little furry friend for you! hahahahahahahahahahahahah*


p.s. he's cute! (or she). I've never seen a cat sleep on their back like that. That's a particularly doggish thing to do.

yeah, she likes to roll over on her back when she's got good sunlight... i guess it makes her belly feel good :)

not quite as uplifting as a baby hippo picture, i know... but it'll do in a pinch :)

I had a cat that looked a lot like that when I was a little girl. It's name was Buttercup. :)

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