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seat belts
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: Cincinnati, OH

I've always been a loyal seat-belt wearer, even before the seat belt laws were enacted in my state. If you are one of those people who insists on not wearing their seat belt for any of the absurd reasons that people like to give, perhaps this video will change your mind. This is not one of the sterile crash test dummy videos, but an actual driver, who for whatever reason, had a video camera mounted on his dash and he dozes off behind the wheel. It isn't graphic (it appears to have been cut before it got gory) but it is shocking.

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Where in Cincinnati are you?

techincally i'm in Walton, KY... one exit south of the 71/75 split at the Flying J ;-)

Right in my neighborhood.

oh yeah? what part of northern kentucky are you?

i spent all day delivering around cincinnati today then found out i'm laid over here until the morning... so i'm debating whether to goof off on the internet or go see Henry Rollins at Bogart's ;-)... i have this bad habit if getting parked and staying parked, so i'll probably opt for the former rather than the latter....

I'm in Florence, just north of there. Same County. You probably have seen the "Y'All" water tower.

I was gonna see Rollins, but I have business to take care of at a goth club. So I'm off to the salt mines there.

Plus I'm cheap and don't want to spend $20 to see him when I can spend less to get the DVD.

i'm very familiar with that tower... being from Lexington, I've driven past it many many times... actually, i've been none to visit Florence rather often... I like to eat at Fuddruckers whenever i'm in cinci socially... we don't have one in Lexington :( i went to the fireworks display at Turfway once, too on july 4th... and of course, i've been to the mall... :)

this video really freaks me out because i totalled a jeep cherokee in 1996 by flipping it onto the roof, skidding, pulling a 180 in the x AND z axis, and landing, luckily, on the wheels, facing the other direction, after falling off an 8 foot drop.
and if i hadnt had my seatbelt on, well, i'd be that guy.


Yeah I just don't understand the mentality of people who refuse to wear seat belts. It's pretty basic Newtonian laws of gravity and inertia that people think they can defy if they are involved in an accident.

Okay, well, that shocked the hell out of me.

Heh, and you don't strike me as a person who is easily shocked. It is a compelling piece of video.

I couldn't access it. :(

it takes a while to load... even with broadband (and especially if you're dialup) and you need Macromedia Shockwave installed

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