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west coast again?
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: Cardwell, Kentucky

Back home for a day. I was offered another west coast run and since I was able to squeeze in some hometime in the middle of the week before heading out, i decided to take it. It should be adventerous because I'm going to some new places I've never been (Carson City, Sacramento, and Benicia, CA) and covering some new road in the process. What should be a particularly nice part of the drive is I plan to cover Nevada and about half of Utah along U.S. 50 rather than interstate. That should be a fun drive.

So anyway, here's my complete itenerary, in case you care.

Load: Ferdinand, Indiana 2/19 23:00

Carson City, NV
Sacramento, CA
Benicia, CA
Medford, OR
Grants Pass, OR
Roseburg, OR
Portland, OR
Hood River, OR

Look forward to going out to Hood River, too. I haven't driven along the Columbia River gorge in a while. It's so pretty in there. Maybe i can find some time to stop at Multnomah Falls again. I hiked for about 4 hours up behind the falls last year and had a blast.

I took some neat pictures in Cincinnati yesterday and will probably post a nice little story with them later tonight or tomorrow. ;-)

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So what do you use for net access when you're on the road? Wireless? If so, what service?

the Flying J truckstops have WiFi service in all of their locations (160+) and some bonus hotspots along the interstates at other truckstops... it's not hard for me to have internet access almost every night of the week... i've gotten pretty good at planning my driving/trips around where i have internet access ;-)

Awesome. I didn't know they had WiFi there. I got the sprint plan that lets me hook my phone to my laptop in areas around most major cities and get a decent connection. So far so good.

it's not a bad deal... if you use it regularly, it's like under $25/mo for broadband internet access... can't beat it, some locations i've gotten speeds right at 1Mb/s, the average though, is about 300-400Kb/s... for the sporadic users, they have pay-as-you go plans... you can buy a 24-hour block for $4.95

you should check you email more frequently ;-)... i lerft you a comment earlier about being in KC on friday afternoon/evening... not sure exactly the time frame yet since i don't have my load yet...

you free?

probably so. tods coming that night, but he won't be here till super late, like middle of the night late.

at the moment, it's looking like late afternoon... 4-5ish, maybe later... i presume you have baby-sitting duty after school? i'll stop somewhere in missouri with internet access and leave a comment in your journal or phone you or something.... see if we can work something out..

i could totally go for a mexican dinner at 4 or 5. i have to be back at home in the evening, though, because tod will be comeing, as i said, but that would be a great way to spend the early afternoon. feel like some tacos?

it's starting to look like it's going to be closer to 6pm... probably between 6-7.... i'll be leaving Evansville here in 30 minutes when my break is up... that's mmm, 11am your time, and about 6-7 hours of driving to do...

the load was supposed to be ready at 11pm last night and wasn't ready until 12:30... :(

i'll give you a call later in the afternoon with a more accurate ETA after I get through St. Louis...

p.s. i can't check my email here...i just watch the comments. comments go to my home email. i'm at work.

Ok, that's it. All of the trips and cool pictures are making me jealous.

I am dropping out of school and becoming a trucker. End of story.

there's more than a few ladies out here drivin'... and at least one English major that i know of ;-)

Do you ever pick up hitchhikers?

Re: Just curious....

no... for one my company doesn't allow it... not that would prevent me from doing it if i really wanted too... but i'm too chicken-shit to pick up hitchhikers.... my little brother who drove OTr for about 7 years used to pick up hitch hikers all the time when he'd get bored and wanted someone to talk too...

i'm too afraid of getting that one whacked out one that decides it's time to end it all and he's gonna take me with him and plunge us over the side of a mountain trying to take control of the wheel or pulling the air brake knobs on the dash...

i'm not terribly paranoid about a lot of things, but hitch hikers are one of them....

I was just curious because for a few years, my mom hitched, and loved it. But, I agree.. these days.. ya never know what your going to find.

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