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tae kawn do tykes
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: Salina, KS

My kids are adorable. One of my former bosses wasn't a huge fan of kids, but after meeting mine she said if she could be assured her kids would be as cute as mine, she'd have them in a heart beat. ;-)

As much as I've been on the road since Christmas I haven't had a lot of time to spend with them, but my ex was kind enough to let me visit with them Thursday evening when I sneaked into Lexington for the day before going to pick up my load in Ferdinand. I had dinner with them at Mc Donald's and then went to their Tae Kawn Do class afterwards.

Chase is the youngest (7). He's currently missing all of his front teeth, top and bottom.

He also was just dying to show me his spar gear, even though they weren't sparring that evening, he put all the pads on just to show me what it looked like.

My other two (yes, I have three!) are the two boys on the right. Lincoln (the tallest) is the oldest (11) and Jonathan is 10.

Whie I was in town I also visisted briefly with my friend Robin. She just bought a brand new truck and wanted to show it off. It's her first truly new car, so she's all excited about it.

She has a young son named Alex.

He and I started playing with camera, taking pictures of each other making faces, etc.

I won though, cos he only knows how to make one silly face.

Cute cat, cute kids... when surrounded by all this cuteness is it any wonder that I'm always such a happy guy?

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nah... i have a photogenic rate of about 1 in 200 pictures... i only put the good stuff online ;-)

whoa whoa whoa are these youre real actual CHILDREN?
the plot thickens!

yup, well, the first three... i had nothing to do with robin's son ;-)

Awww. They are adorable!

why thank ya...i don't know where they got it from... they sure as hell didn't get it from me ;-)

..and he's even cute when he is making silly faces. :)

What cute kiddos!

I love kiddos, cause they are the funnest to play with. They're always so enthusiastic about everything and can tell the absolute truth and get away with it.

Kids rock.

I wish someone in my family would have some more soon. I want a whole house full myself, someday, but not now.

aww, they are so cute! don't you miss not being able to see them all the time?

well, i pretty much gave up on having them in my life every single day when i got divorced... with the exception of these long hauls which i've been doing lately, i'm typically home every weekend, so it really doesn't cut into my "non-custodial parent" visitation time too bad :)

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