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ghost town mania
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: Denver, CO

As you know, I've become fascinated with ghost towns on my trips out west. I have selected for this trip the town of Austin, NV. Like Goldfield, which I tired to visit on my last trip, it is a semi-ghost town, with resdients and businesses, however, nothing compared to its glory days of 10,000 inhabitants during its silver rush. I will be driving right through it on Sunday or Monday. Actually, if my calculations are correct, somewhere near Austin is where I will most likely run out of driving hours tomorrow, so the current plan is to park and spend the night there. If it's still daylight when I get there, I can take pictures and if not, I can get up in the morning and explore before I get back on the road.

In an unrelated topic, you know that statistic that every time you smoke a cigarette you are taking 7 minutes off of your life? I got to thinking about that and pulled out the trusty calculator residing on my dash. I am a light smoker, slightly less than a pack a day. A carton of cigarettes will last me nearly two weeks. As a rough estimate, I figured that I have been smoking 100 cigarettes per week since I was 16. I did the math and you know what I found out? After 18 years of smoking I have only taken 1.2 years off of my life. I can live with that. Triple that figure and you're approaching life expectancy and the time I will smoke the rest of my life (if I do smoke the rest of my life). To lose 3.6 years off the tail end of your life, when you're feeble, aching, and possibly bed ridden most of the time anyway doesn't seem so bad to me.