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i'm ready for my close up mr demille
jesus christ, and i thought I was self absorbed... whew...

but that's not the real reason i decided to update again today...

I thought I would offer, since I have the virtual website now and all, email addreses to anyone who wanted them. They come unlimited with the webserver, you'd have something like "whatever_you_wanted@soopageek.com"...

but i could probably provide you a little more space and a faster mail server than Hotmail or Yahoo if you happen to be stuck with one of those.... apparently, there is a way that it can be accessed from the web as well, but i haven't check into all of that, i'm still playing with it ;-)

but anyway, lemme know if it's something you're interested in... :)

Edit: why is that my entries have started spacing themselves weird on some lines?

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LJ can be a lot of beautiful things, but often so much ugliness, too.

Where'd you find her?

Funny how she gets invited left and right to join pretty-people communities.

it's even funnier how she's joined so many of them to validate her self-image.. she's obviously a very pretty girl but she either has VERY low self-esteem, is a class A bitch or a combination of the two ;-)

i was intrigued by the idea of the journal promo communities so i decided to make a goofy post in add_me... i didn't really check out the community very much... my bad, i was thinking that there might be some people looking through there for interesting journals to read, and i think i keep a journal that borders interesting... apparently it's largely a community of teenagers looking to stock their friends lists....

pretty much all that's happened is i've been flamed for not using an lj-cut ;-)... i'm debating whether or not to leave some nasty comments back just for the fun of it :)

Heh, of course i'm keeping you added! I'm not the typical teenager...who joins rating communities to validate her self image =P or would delete you for whatever petty reason. I kinda like you, anyway; you seem to have a similar sense of humor as myself. Oh, and hm its probably the class A bitch thing that you mentioned heh...(only sometimes). I was actually a member of this really entertaining community called nonugly_my_ass, that mocked rating communities. I originally joined my first rating community mostly as a joke, and then once you join one the others sort of follow =P. I'm really upset nonugly_my_ass is closed right now...cause that community just made my day. My profile obviously shows that I'm selective, but yeah- I've come across some pretty off the wall people and hard core emo kids that talk about nothing but cutting (cause its COOL, of course) and such...I just don't want to put up with that shit. I'd much rather have interesting people on my friends list and clearly state it on my info, cause, well...thats me- I'm very direct. But anyway, I've got a full friends page to nazi down ;)
See ya

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