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egg on my face
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: still in Portland :)

It has done nothing but rain all day and I haven't moved an inch because I've been derpvied of my precious internet for nearly a week now and I'm such a goddamned addict.

It seems that there is egg on my face. If you read my previous entry you will have noticed I made a rude comment about another person's info page. If you read the comments of that entry, you will see I made even more rude comments. On top of that, I responded in the community where I ran across this person with a sarcastic response that was taken with sincerity and this person added me to their friend's list and is now reading my journal.

jazzyjess: With no sarcasm, I sincerely hope you prove my assumptions that were based on superfluous information wrong. I hope in addition to having egg on my face, that I have my foot in my mouth along with my own words. For you to do that would require a tremendous amount of grace, a good sense of humor, and a very humble, modest soul. I'm not apologizing for my remarks, because based on the information I had, I think it was a fair assumption. Here's to hoping you prove me wrong and no hard feelings. Welcome aboard.

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Haha sweet! I already commented!
check last entry, yo. =P

yeah i saw... i'm glad you have a good sense of humor about you... a good sense of humor goes a long way... long after beauty and the mind fades with age....

Whu? You mean I'm not always gonna be this pretty?

except for you Mr. Hemlock... you will beat all the odds and attain a lifestyle filled with leggy supermodels and a massive personal fortune... champaign wishes and caviar dreams!

Fortunately for me, I can't get much prettier than I already am.

I'm beating admirers off with a stick. A stick, I tell you!

ouch, damnit, that hurt. *rubs forehead*

Be glad that it's JUST a stick. ;)

hahaha, that's a great pic

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