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Now somehwere in the Black Mountain hills of South Dakota there live a young boy named Rocky Racoooo
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: Sioux Falls, South Dakota

I can't believe not one single person made a comment about that penguin game. Either every one was two lazy to click the link or they became so addicted to the game that after an hour or so they forgot how they had gotten there.

So if you played, what's the furthest you knocked that little fucker?

I got stuck in Rapid City yesterday for nearly 24 hours. The snow was so bad they had shutdown the interstate. As a result, I don't have to be in Wisconsin until Wednesday morning now. Pleeeennnnty of time. I know haven't felt like updating much lately, sue me. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!

Edit: I'm getting the new Vines record. *squeal like a little bitch*.

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I spent a month in Sioux Falls for truck driving school.. fun fun town :P They were building the Flying J there when I was there. I'm assuming you're parked there with WiFi?

yup... this parking lot is HUGE... i was so happy to find a truckstop with some actual parking space after the past coupla days coming across idaho, montanan, and south dakota...

Idaho and Montana are awful. I stopped at a nice rest area in Rosebud, MT. Great view and nice and quiet for the night. Truck lots are so full during bad weather.

Coming across on 90?

Luckily yesterday I got into Rapid City and parked before it got really nasty and they shut down the interstate last night.

Yup, I'll be coming across the southern part of your fair state in the morning headed for Madison, WI.

I got stuck on the interstate once in albuqerque when they shut it down. had to stop right on the road.

Awww.. too far south for a visit. :( unless its later in the evening

i acutally gave some thought to coming across 94 to Madison and see if you were free... maybe get a plane ride :)... but i didn't really see how i would have any time... now with the snow-delay and my delivery times being pushed back i have a little more time... of course, if i came across 94, i may not have had the snow delay.... :)

maybe another time

yup.. I was kinda hoping you'd sweep across 94.. I live afew miles from the TA in Rogers, MN.

is it double points this month or was that feb?

february... i've been racking 'em up with all these long miles, too ;-)

The one thing I hated is my company didn't seem to send me to Ta's very often and even less when it was double point months. *sigh*

Do you have set fuelstops for each run, or do you have a list of stops you can pick from?

there's a nationwide list of pre-set locations... the TA in Albert Lea is one which i plan to hit tomorrow :)

they're mostly TA's, Pilot's, and Flying J's with some odd ones here and there, like Gay Johnson's in Colorado on 70, the Love's in Zanesville, OH...

Gay JOhnsons. My FAVORITE truckstop name :)

I hate so many of the Loves. such small lots..

TA in AlbertLea is a bitch to get in and out of.. laid out really strange.

Favorite spot is in TN.. great pornshop across the highway from a truckstop (pilot I believe) with a ferris wheel behind it..

yeah i fiugred you did ;-)... i love Gay Johnons' cos it's such a neat place to wake up in the morning in that canyon.... that probably is my favorite truckstop in terms of location...

i dunno what my favorite truckstop is overall... tough to say, i don't spend a lot of time IN them... i'm usually holed up in my truck surfing the internet or sleeping :)

I drove past johnsons many times, but never stopped. Was always in a rush to get through that area :)

I like Whites in VA. Good biscuits and gravy, and not many tourists. Its not 4-wheel friendly, which I like ;)

i've never stopped at White's as a trucker but I've been there many times... my family is originally from Richmond, VA and when we would make the trip from KY back to VA to visit family, White's was a regular stop on the trip... there's another nice teeny little truck stop in White Sulphur Springs, VA with a motel... the name escapes me... with an all-night restaurant with some good southern food, too

Sorry about not commenting on the penguin game. I was so excited about it that I rushed to tell someone else, then I played it a few times, then, yes, I forgot how I got there!

I scored 902.3 on my best swing.

I must defeat soopageek! I'll spend the next week killing penguins if that's what it takes!

heh, i'm still trying to top 1200 cos the friend who showed me the game said he saw some dood on a msg board post a screen-shot somewhere over 1200...

you know if you don't give me a screen shot i won't believe you ;-)

That penguin game is so three months ago.

Da ha. Your mom. Classic come back.

I got 630 the only time I played the penguin game. Hurted my little heart too much.

Poor penguin. :(

yeah i didnt comment on the penguin gamebecause i liked the original, not-gory one better a few weeks ago when i found it

ahh the penguin game
havent played that in a long time
but actually, i made a whole entry on it a few weeks ago :)

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