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mmmm, vines
Location: Sioux Falls, South Dakota

If I was 15 again and hung posters of rock bands on my wall, I would definitely have the Vines displayed prominently.

The Vines are everything that is right with modern rock; commerically viable yet hip, hard but with good pop-sense, and a charismatic front man who is total eye candy.

So, wow, already there's new Modest Mouse, new Norah Jones, new Vines, and a Rocket From the Tombs record that blew me away and it's just now March.

2004 is turning out to be a very good year already.

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i've heard a couple of cuts off the new Modest Mouse...outstanding.

yeah i've been listening to an internet leak of the new album for a couple of weeks now... it is a really good record

yay for norah Jones!

p.s. i'm very amused that you called another man eye candy.

even though i'm straight, i can recognize raw sex appeal and magnetism, which is a good 75% of rock and roll anyway... it's one of the reasons i think i have such an affection for "girl" bands... because i get to relate to the sexuality in a more proper manner :)

but c'mon... that dude from the Vines... the full lips, the big doe-eyes, the haphazard bowl haircut... he's got great skin, too... he's a total rock and roll poster boy...

This is true. He is hot stuff.

(Deleted comment)
and it's a naming convention as old as rock and roll itself...

the kinks
the beatles
the who
the animals
the doors
the zombies
the ramones
the stooges
the vines
the strokes
the hives

of course my personal favorite... The The

So I take it the Vines are good? I'm supposed to go see them.. But I'm going specifically to see The Living End. (one of my favorites) an Australlian band (if you haven't heard of them)

I can't figure out whether I should travel to Chicago or Atlanta to see them, (both considerably long distances from Owensboro)...

Modest Mouse rocks my socks <3

i like the Vines lots.... i hope you already have your tickets... the Vines/Living End tour is playing two shows at Irving Plaza in NYC the second week of march... as it so happens i am going to be there that week... but the shows are already sold out :(

as for Chicago or Atlanta... it may depend on which you can get tickets for if you don't already have them :)... but as far is distance, it's about the same either way... Chicago might be just a tad closer, but not by much... the trip to Atlanta would be a more interesting drive... :)

hte new modest mouse is REALLY good.... it's supposed to be out all "official" like this month i think...

the vines:
total crazy bad boy hotness.

luv em!

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