It ain't pretty being easy... (soopageek) wrote,
It ain't pretty being easy...

so you think you're having a bad day... at least you're not this guy

Location: Beloit, Wisconsin

Talk about drama. This JUST happened. I literally just stepped back in the truck.

I was taking a small break at the Flying J here in South Beloit when this Canadian truck driver pulled out of his parking space to get back on the road and had a heart attack! His wife who was riding with him pulled the brakes on the truck and with the aid of another driver got him down on the ground and someone started chest compressions. The police and EMT's arrived shortly thereafter and began some proper medical treatment. This all happened, like, right outside my windshield.

I first took some video from the truck but it was too far away to see anything. I got out and walked over and talked with some of the other by-standers and got all of the information I just told you about. I made an attempt to discreetly take some more video footage from my new vantage point, but it didn't turn out so hot because I wasn't holding the camera up and checking the video monitor to make sure everything was in view. As I said, I was trying to be discreet and didn't want to cause even more of a scene than was already happening, by being the asshole with the camera.

Video 2
Video 3

They had him tubed, were doing chest compressions and shocking him, but as of the time they put him in the ambulance, they still had never gotten him back to life. Talk about your wild occurences. If I hadn't been so self-conscious about trying to take pictures, I might have taken one hell of a photo. Picture this in your mind if you will: the wife was sitting on the edge of the backseat of the police cruiser crying and speaking with police. On the other side of the cruiser, you could see around the tail end of car the man being administered to by the EMT's... above and behind that, was their poodle standing in the truck driver-seat watching all of the events unfold through the window. If you look closely at the picture above, you can see the white dog in the side window watching them try to revive its master. ("Video 2" shows all of these things, just in a very shakey, cinema verite sort of manner)

It was simultaneously heartbreaking and beautiful in a sad, human way.

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