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i fuckin' smell like diesel alla time

gawd it's been a long time since i've written anything here.... over a year in fact... it seems most of my journal entries start this way

i've managed to keep an offline journal (would that be a "deadjournal"?)...

i find it amusing that so-called "trucker hats" are chic... one thing i've learned from my little adventure, there's nothing chic about trucking....

i guess since i haven't written anything here in a year i should catch anyone up who doesn't know the poop... i call it my punk-rock/poverty version of a mid-life crisis that began somewhat prematurely when i was 27... at least those were the initial rumblings... i started a punk band (we played-out twice, it was a lotta fun) then i divorced my wife (although that woulda happened sooner or later anyway, crisis or no crisis), shacked up with a MUCH younger lady for a coupla years (cougheighteencough), then declare myself polyamorous (although the declaration for me is more of a realization of something i've always known), then last year at the age of 33 i quit my job, sold virtually everything i owned, got a CDL and began my great American adventure as... a trucker...

and i'm having a freakin' blast... i'm two months shy of my first year and i still love it everyday... i know i won't always love it, but for now, it's such a rush... the freedom, the travel, the open road... i spent the majority of my adolescent/adult life dreaming of going to NYC but never finding the time, or money, or whatever... i grabbed some pasta on 43rd street and munched while thumbing through the Voice two weeks ago and that was about the 6th time i've been now.... i've been atop the empire state building and seen lady liberty, the guggenheim, "ground zero", drank a good kentucky bourbon in cbgb's on open mic night, rockefeller center, st patrick's cathedral, grand central station, times square, the chelsea hotel (you know the owner dismantled and closed the room sid killed nancy in or that dylan thomas' spoke his last wrods there "i just drank 18 straight shots of whiskey i think that's a new record"?), strawberry fields in central park, battery park, yankee stadium, shea stadium, madison square garden

i had been to the west coast only once in my life (san diego) and i had flown... in the past year i've driven cross country a half dozen times.... i drove through snow storms in nebraska and wyoming, played blackjack in three different reservation casinos in oregon (in the future, i think i'll just drive by and thrown my money in the door)... i climbed to the top of the fourth tallest waterfall in the western hemisphere (multnomah oregon)... i know where james dean is buried and where president McKinley (who shares my birthday) was born.... i drove through the blue mesa reservoir in colorado while the sun set and through sandstorms in southern utah.... i saw Mt. Shasta completely blocking a snowstorm: one side of her it was snowing, the other side of her was a clear sunny day... i drove down offa mountain at 5:30 in the morning and saw the lights of Reno, Nevada for the first time... i awoke at dawn and drive 100 miles of the pacific coast highway... i've seen Salt Lake City's gorgeous snow-capped mountains and i've seen Salt Lake City's depressing yellow smog... Oregon redwoods over 300 feet tall... Washington fog, Alabama mud, Indiana corn, Ohio Amish, Chicago traffic... i drove across a 5 mile long suspension bridge seperating the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan... i know there's no place colder than Bemidji, Minnesota in January... i can tell you where there's a Bong recreation area and a Mustard Museum in Wisconsin (and according to the sign, you'll learn so much about mustard, you'll think you went to Poupon U. )... i saw a smiley face constructed from beer bottles and stones in the Great Salt Desert, a bumper sticker from Donna's Ranch in Nevada that read "Jesus loves you, everyone else thinks you're an asshole!", and the coolest trucking company in the world: their trailers have a drawing of a cow squatting with a little turd under his butt encircled by a huge red ring with a slash through it - the name of the company is "NBS Trucking" and their slogan is "We'll take care of your load.".... and of course there are the incredible springtime female vistas courtsey of all of the great college-towns: South Bend and Bloomington, IN... Miami, OH... Huntsville, AL... Gurnee, CO.... Eugene, OR... Olympia, WA...

and it hasn't even been a year yet... i need to start writing more frenquently...
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