It ain't pretty being easy... (soopageek) wrote,
It ain't pretty being easy...

the return of the dreams

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

I never remember dreams, but periodically, I go through a period where I remember all of my dreams and they are very vivid. It's been several months since I had my last vivid dreams period. Back in August and September I would have mutliple dreams per night. (,,

It looks like I may be re-entering one of those phases. I've been having hints of dreams lately for the past week or so, but none of the really striking, vivid kind. Last night though, I had two of them,

Dream one: This dream is full of things which are on impossible historical time lines. First of all, John Kennedy was driving the car and Jackie O was sitting in the passenger seat. Mr. Kennedy looked young and dashing, but he was talking heatedly with Jackie about something. We were riding in a car that was from the 1940's; It was one of those big, bulbous Buicks or Chevrolets. We were driving through a graveyard where there were hundreds of people gathered for the funeral of Mary Jo Kapechne, the woman who was in Edward Kennedy's car at Chappaquiddick (which occured in 1969, JFK was assassinated in 1963). I was riding in the back seat, directly behind Jackie. A late-teens/early 20's JFK , Jr was riding in the seat behind his father and between us, a very sexy, yet demure Caroline Kennedy. She was intentionally turning/tilting her head so that her right ear and neck were within reach of my mouth. In the dream, I remember feeling my own breath as it escaped my mouth and bounced off of her skin and back onto mine. It was apparent she was enjoying the hot breath tickle her ear and neck and she would writhe slightly in the seat. Everyone else in the car was oblivious to the fact that I and Caroline Kennedy were sharing an erotic escapade. And it was rather erotic.

I'm not sure if the next part of the dream was indeed the next part of the dream or a seperate dream. Nothing really happened, it was more of a "place dream" where you are walking around distinct scenery. It was an old, roadside motel that had been converted into a strip of individual business offices, but they were all boarded up and deserted. What used to be the lobby was the only part inhabited. A middle aged woman of Indian ethnicity named Maharishi was her name. That's all there was to it.

Yay for weird dreams.

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