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my humble fan site
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: Effingham, IL

Some of you may know that I created a little fan site many years ago, of which I am somewhat proud and still maintain on a semi-regular basis. I've even discussed it here. I was bored and doing some googling of my website name and found some things that make me even prouder. Here's what I found out:

1) In Google's "page rank" hierarchy, I'm ranked FIFTH out of 9 sites hand-picked to be on this list.. Wow, it's quite an honor to be on the list, much less in the Top 5 In order, they are the Official Beastie Boys website, MTV's artist site, The Beastie Boys A/V Centre (which is defunct since the webmaster now maintains the official site), the Paul's Boutique Samples and References Page (which was the inspiration for my own page and is nearly as old as the web itself), and then there's little old me. Take out the Defunct A/V club-site and I'm 4th! The other 4 sites below me were 3 other fan sites and the Rolling Stone artists site (bite me Jan Wenner!) It's truly a testament to substance over style. There are tons of flashy websites out there with shit on them, but my dinky little colorless webpage has a wealth of useful information (to someone looking for information on the Beastie Boy anyway) and gets ranked 5th by Google.

2) http://beastieboys.poptopix.com/ ranks my site 10 out of a possible.... *drum roll* 10!

3) At http://www.briefme.com/archive.php/article/11688 - A couple weeks ago, I found what I thought was a really cool Beastie Boys site that listed all the references and soundbites from the super-sampled Paul's Boutique album. Now I've found a site that leaves my previous find in the dust: Beastie Boys Lyrics Annotated has got all the beta for every major release. This sample references may not be quite as complete as the PB web page, but tons of other juicy, cryptic tidbits are decoded, and, when possible, a little blurb about the song's background prefaces the lyrics. Ad Rock, Mike D., and MCA fans, if you're going to worship at the temple of Grand Royale, this is a site you can't afford to miss. Unfortunately, it's an old article and the link they provide to it is an old site where it used to reside. I sent them a nice e-mail thanking them for the review and updating the link ;-)

4) I am one of only four links that the legendary Paul's Boutique Samples and References page lists in their "credits and links" section. Apparently, the student rises and surpasses the teacher.

5) I even made it on www.bicycling.com! http://www.bicycling.com/article/0,5073,4482_P,00.html?category_id=441 (all the way at the bottom it says: From the "Just Because I Can" department, my friend Ara forwarded me the link to this site the other day, and, if you've ever wondered where The Adams and Mike D. get their inspiration, you'll appreciate the Annotated Beastie Boys lyric site.

Who knew, for example, that "Professor Booty" draws on everything from Yoo-hoo to jazz drummer Grady Tate? It is heartening, though, to find out that the deepest philosophical level you can get to in "Girls" is White Castle hamburgers and that the teen rebel anthem "Fight for Your Right (To Party)" has absolutely no annotation-worthy undertones.

6) On this Danish search engine I'm #3. Take THAT MTV!

7) The site is mentioned in several blogs, discussion forums, and all manner of open-directory/spider search egines. One of the blogs was a livejournal user who I don't know: nofunatparties. I left a comment pointing him here just for kicks.

Thank you for indulging me. This post was more for me than anything, to document it for myself. As you were.

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Content will always, always win out over design, IF the content is organized in a logical and easy-to-navigate manner. And there are a number of tech visionaries who have proclaimed this for years.

Sometimes though I think mine is TOO under-designed. Back when I created it, dial-up modems were much more common, but the world is going the way of broadband. I used to think its low-rent design was charming and thoughtful for the average internet user, but that's not really the case any longer.

There's a part of me that feels a little obligated to make it a little easier on the eyes due to its popularity (about 1,000 hits a week). Not to mention a new Beastie Boys album is coming out this summer which means traffic is really going to spike. The other part of me thinks I should leave well enough alone. It's done just fine like it is for 6 years and it gets the job done.

I am commited, at any rate, to keep it ad free. It has occured to me that I could make a little scratch off of this, but the thought of having banner ads turns my stomach.

Maybe a Pay Pal donation button? At a thousand visitors per week, what if everyone donated just $1? Of course, I imagine most users are like me, I never "donate" money to a website that I've enjoyed.

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See, some people think that the statement in my bio "I'm cooler than you and your favorite band sucks" is ironic and my user name is more accurate, when, in reality, it's the other way around. ;-)

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