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i won 500 bucks at Caesar's Indiana... it was the kind of blackjack shoes you dream about (well i dream about)... dealer busting alla time, every double down pays off, winning when you got yer money up and losing when you got it pulled back.... i bought a round of drinks for the table, probably tipped the dealer about 50 bucks... lost about 300 bucks the last hour i was there and still walked out $500 richer... man if i ever won the lottery, one of the first things i'd do is take about 10-20 grand and go high roll just for the fun of it.... i love playing blackjack... of course it's most fun when you win... but i love it anyway, win or lose.... i love the whole atmosphere, table talk, it's own lingo and cliches (although the phrase "double for less" always irks me)... drinking, smoking, cursing, throwing money around.... i think when i retire i'll become a professional gambler and piss away my life savings in a matter of months (fuck the kids ;-) then, it'll be like that old 80's movie where the three old geezers decide to knock off a bank... if they're successful, they're rich, but if not, hey, at least in prison you get 3 squares a day, have a roof over your head and great medical care....

but heck, i'm only dreaming...

am i a bad person for liking Me First and the Gimme Gimmes?

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