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i'm such a dumbass
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: W. 42 St, Manhattan

So last night, draysha68 and I are walking down Broadway past the Ed Sullivan Theatre where David Letterman tapes his Late Show. The marquee is all lit up like it usually is and draysha68 decides she wants to take a picture of it. I have been letting her use my digital camera all day to take photos, and we had already amassed nearly a hundred of them. Probably half of them were from the Cloisters, where she had particularly wanted to visit while we were here. Something happened and the setting on the camera had gotten changed to video and I was assisting her and getting it changed back to the normal picture taking setting. I decided I was going to delete the small bit of video she had taken of the sign.

By accident, I deleted every... single... picture... in the camera.

I am such a dumbass. And I feel so bad for draysha68. I had been encouraging her to use the digital camera all day "Take as many as you want!" This is your trip!" etc etc.... The museum at The Cloisters had these gorgeous, ancient tapestries of unicorns and other priceless medieval relics like chalices and various religious artifacts and we had spent several hours there that morning looking at the exhibits and taking pictures. Going to this museum was at the top of the list for her, the first thing she talked about when I asked her want she wanted to do while we were in New York. The first thing we did on our first full day in the city.

And the pictures are all gone.

She's been a real trooper about it, even feeling bad for me because of how bad I feel about it, but it's just not fair for her that I lost all those pictures. I mean, it was my camera and I pushed a somewhat elaborate sequence of buttons to do a mass deletion, but for some reaosn it never registered that that was what I was doing until after I had done it.

Pictures of the Cloisters, of the Flat Iron building, of St. Patrick's Cathedral, Rockefeller Center... all gone.

Yup, I'm a dumbass.

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when i visited nyc i used up three disposable cameras.
however when i got back to houston, walgreens claims that two of them were damaged.
i am still really pissed about that.
im sorry to draysha68! =(

I know everyone makes mistakes, but that sucks, hard.


you know it only excites me when you talk dirty ;-)

you've been so kind. you really have nothing to be sorry about. I want to do something just as nice for you one day. I'm not sure what, but something!

someday when you're famous and independently wealthy you can buy me a small island nation

flat iron?!

argh, you were a block away from my office! ring my sorry ass when you're back up in 2 weeks. please?

(this is aj -- lj says I don't exist)

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