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mo' nyc
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: W. 42 St, Manhattan

Wooo.. Kentucky basketball. Wooooo. Too bad I couldn't watch the game.

Instead I had to settle for looking at the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island for most of the day. Then I had to suffer through dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe.

But I'll live.

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Aw yeah! And we got the overall number one seed in the big dance. We are takin' it all, then I am hittin' Woodland and Euclid hard.

This is why college is great.

i'll take the statue of liberty and hard rock cafe over basketball any day.

Yeah, I'm not complaining or anything, but how in the hell did we become the #1 overall seed when we were ranked 8th last week? That's just bizarre.

as usual, Tubby has his team ready in March ;-) i know you're not a Tubby fan, but c'mon, just a little bit of credit? :)

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