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Kentuckians: do you care about your Constitution
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: Indianapolis, IN

Kentucky House Representative Ron Lewis (R, 2nd District) has introduced landmark legilsation that would broaden the powers of Congress by giving them the ability to reverse certain Supreme Court decisions.

Congress already has the power to approve/disapprove Presidential Court appointees as well as the power to amend the Constitutuion. Further broadening of this power is an affront to the American system of checks and balances and should not be allowed to pass.

I took the time to write Mr. Lewis this morning and share my concerns about this bill. If you live in the second district, or are represented by any of the bill's 11 co-sponsors, I suggest you do the same.

p.s. I haven't felt much like writing lately. Sorry.

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I've already written my rep, Mr. Lucas. If this piece of garbage legislation gets to the Senate, I'll be writing Mr. Bunning and Mr. McConnell as well.

Can't Congress already impeach and try Supreme Court Justices to remove them if they feel they are consistently ruling in error (that's rhetorical, I know they can)? This would effectively make the Supreme Court a useless branch of government (though I have a few opinions on that already).

i didn't mention impeachment since, in the course of our history no Supereme Court justice has even been impeached, it's virtually a useless power... at the very leat, there is no precedent for it

actually... there is some credence to this Act, i'm just hoping it doesn't pass... the Constitution didn't establish any organization parameters for the Supreme Court, only that it should exist... most of the rules we have arose out of the Judiciary Act of 1789 (president appoints, Senate approves)... essentually, Congress was left to decide the role of the judiciary and its powers... one presumes if they had the authority to give that power, it could also be taken away by them...

Well, of course Congress has the power to pass amendments to the Constitution. But I also don't think this is needed.

Then again, I'm all for defining the passage of laws that are later declared unconstitutional as treason, so I'm a bit radical. :)

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