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Cats blew it
mt shasta
Location: Indianapolis, IN

The Cats blew it. Actually, a lot of top seeds blew it this weekend. Seems to be contagious.

After the game I picked up janietrain and we hit the road. What can I say, child of the 80's, stand-up comedy lovin' indie rock dork such as myself in the truck for the next two weeks? I knew we'd get along famously.

For the record, any of you who do not read elspazz0 or mandy_moon's journals... you suck.

Note: I did not receive any sort of compensation for that spontaneous and shameless plugging of my two favorite journals, although I think I might could get a dollar out of one of them.

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they lost by one point, right?! Poor kittens.

i got a dollar for eatin mayonaisse with er at karaoke last week. but im sure you saw that.

aaahaha, so you're the Russ that she paid to eat the mayo? i never made the connection.... hehehe

Thanks for the publicity, but yes, as you can see my dollars have been temporarily depleted by paying people do silly things.

I'm trying to replenish my funds by offering to eat things, but I haven't gotten any takers yet.

I'll shell out your buck once somebody really wants to see me eat crab shells again :)

it's strange that i "know" the two of you from completely independent sources and you two know each other.... it's a small, small internet after all

maybe you need to think of grosser things to eat... like chug an entire bottle of "Real Lemon" or eat sardines dipped in chocolate sauce...

Yeah, didnt know you knew Russ either, but I just met him.

The internet is small, but I think Boston is even smaller. Sooner or later it seems like everyone in Boston knows everyone else.

I've not had the chance to meet Russ yet, so you have one up on me... our paths crossed on IRC about 7 years ago... then I came across him on Livejournal last year...

Next time you are in Columbus, you will get a dollar. And some coffee. You're the sweetest!

i shot through columbus once last week but it was in the middle of the day and i knew you were working....

i may be through there again next week... i'll see if i can't take you up on that coffee ;-)

(Deleted comment)

Re: LiveJournaler in Indy?

i'm in indianapolis all the time... but i'm based in lexington... i have a college background (BA in English from Univ of KY) but i decided on a life of the open road as a commercial truck driver instead.... you live in Indy?

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