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NYC update
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: W 42nd St, Manhattan

I will update with more involved stories and pictures later, but as a quick recap: in the past two days I have once again visited the Empire State building, visited with my pal mybluenotepad, re-tread a lot of previously covered ground, gone to some new/cool places, and have eaten more good food than a person has a right to enjoy. Methinks my pace has nearly killed janietrain as by the end of the day, she doth protesteth too much about her feet. But it's been a fun trip all the way around.

Tomorrow I have to do silly trucker driver things like make deliveries and unload trailers. I'm hoping we have about a half day to spend in the city again tomorrow. If we make it back to town, we have record-store browsing on the tentative agenda. See, I offered to let my dad set up my stereo at his house, as a gesture, but of course, the ulterior motive is I'll have a place to listen to records when I'm home on weekends. I've missed my vinyl listening while I've been driving. He took me up on it, so I figure I need some new records to listen to when I get home next weekend.

I have a story about a girl on the subway I plan to write about later in the week, complete with pictures. It may not be a very exciting story though, but I thought it was neat.

Anyway.... enjoy your cubicles and classrooms. *snicker*

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Yeah, you're a hard one to keep up with but its a fast-paced city so you have to keep on your toes!!! The Emptire State Building? *envy envy*

I love subway stories. Do tell.

Yeah, well... enjoy your rolling death trap!!!

Sorry... I got nothin...

It's especially weak coming from someone who sets himself on fire for a living.

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