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working back west
Location: Kirkersville, OH

janietrain and I got up this morning and headed out of New Jersey, stopping for much needed showers just before crossing the state line. I picked up my load in Pennsylvania and spent the day driving.

I was re-reading my entry from last week with all of the old photos of my uncles and dad from the days of their band. I realized that somehow, I managed to not show you my favorite of them all....

My dad has the Buddy Holly horn-rims doing the sly bird with the crossed-arms. My uncle James is at the bottom, center with all the teeth showing and my uncle Rick is flying his bird with one hand and a banana peel in the other. Incidentally, the chick at the far right of the picture with the dark hair is Beth, who used to baby-sit me when I was a toddler. She, and the guy with his arm around her, are the couple who were coming out of the church in the photo I was in with the smashing plaid jacket.

Anyway, if any of you care, the website for Midnight Sun is now online. I'm no web designer by any stretch of the imagination, but my marginal abilities with HTML and a WYSIWYG editor have impressed the old-folks for and about whom it was created. There are 60 pictures of this nature in the photo gallery to browse through if you get a kick at looking at stuff like that. I know I sure have, but of course, it's a part of my past in a way.

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(Deleted comment)
i find most everyone is interesting, past and present in their own ways... yer a friggin' actor for chrissakes :)

heh, i told my mom that i'm the only one of her children that really remembers any of that era... i have vague memories of some of those guys and i imagine that in some miniscule ways i was exposed to all that rock and roll while just a toddler... not just the music, but the aesthetic... also, out of all of my siblings, i'm the one bonafide music nutjob.... my conclusion is that it's all their fault that i turned out the way i did

c'mon... you don't think that in your parents past they have some wild, debaucherous tales they just have chosen not to tell you? i mean my parents are fairly liberal in a lot of ways, so i grew up hearing stories about the late 60's/early 70's, but i also know that i know only the tip of the iceberg about my parent's youth... my mom and dad both "self-edit" some of their stories when they tell them, both for their children's conern as well as each other (particularly when on the topic of other people they dated before marrying)... my mom usually includes the phrase "there are some things i'll just take to my grave" ;-)

I can only hope someday, when I look back on the pictures of my days gone by, they are this fuckin' cool.

My Mom was a hippie who left for California in a cream-colored Cadillac with 3 or her best friends and a hundred bucks the day after they graduated high school. They also kinda forgot to tell anyone they were leaving. They only made it to Las Vegas, but stayed for about five years.

I love looking at the pictures for that trip. Mom was hot back in the day, in her skin-tight, white bell bottoms, posing on the hood of the car at every state line.

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