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road trains

Location: Beloit, Wisconsin

I overslept an hour this morning and drove hard to make it to Janesville by 2pm. I got there by 10 after, Chicago, thankfully, was tolerable for once. Turns out it didn't matter, they can't get unloaded for another coupe of hours. So I dropped the trailer in their dock and came back down the highway a bit for some lunch and goof'n off on the internet.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Culver's #1. Philly ribeye sandwich + chill/cheese fries to go = coronary in a carry-out bag. Mmm!

After mentioning the Australian Outback road trains, I got to surfing around looking at pictures and reading about them.

Pretty bad ass, huh? And this is a baby, they can have up to ten trailers back there by some accounts. I particularly like the cattle clearing bumper. I've seen deer nearly obliterated hitting the front of a standard semi-truck, I imagine large quadrupeds are vaporized when tangling with one of these bad boys.

And this from :

If you are on a bicycle and you see a road train approaching, either get off your bike and wait for the road train to pass, or make sure you are right off the road as it passes, people on bicycles have been known to be sucked into the strong wind of the trucks and killed.

Who wants to vacation in the outback with me?
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