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bein' social and missing speakers

Location: Cardwell, KY

Last night with sparklymegz was fun. She made some yummy home made pastas and the movie viewing for the evening was of the British persuasion (Lock, Stock..., Snatch, Bend It Like Beckham). I got to meet some new people, too.

Last night, before going to the shebang I went by the house where I used to live on Clays Mill. I was driving my dad's mini-van and had the intention of packing up most of the stuff of mine that was still over ther in the garage. See, the guys that moved into the house wehn I went a'trucking still live there and they just let me store my stuff in the garage. My dad got a storage place near their farm and offered for me to stick stuf there, not to mention, he's going to set up my stereo in the house. All of this is great because I want my music collection somewhre accessible where I can get to it, and I intend to leave it here somewhere in the house so I can get at it when I'm home.

The garage was a wreck, but I could work with it and managed to get everything out of there that was mine that I still had an interest in keeping. It's not a lot, in addition to the stereo and music is basically a few books, things of sentimental nature, and boxes of wires (yeah, i'm such a guy). It appears, however, that a speaker of mine has disappeared. They were a fairly nice set of 300 watt speakers, too: 10" woofer with two mid-range speakers and a high-end tweeter built into each wood-grain cabinet. Now one is missing.

Nick wasn't home (the guy who lives there now) so I'm gonna get hold of him next week and see if it wandered in the house. If it's not in there then my only other option is to see if somehow Dwayne has ended up with it since I let him use the stereo for a while immediately after I moved out. But I don't know why he would take just one speaker with him when he moved. My guess is it probably got jacked out of the garage at some point. Over the past couple of years it has kinda become a communal storage center for anyone who has ever lived in that house. I just find it odd that someone would steal only one speaker cabinet.

I'm not really hopeful that my limited options remaining will recover it and yet I'm also not really surprised that it's gone. Guess I'll be in the market for a new set of speakers someday when I have another domicile. Mr. Thief - you suck.

Today I visit with my kids some and catch the tail-end of an Easter dinner at my parents in the evening. One of the funny things about being gone so much is that when I am home, sometimes I feel like all I do is run around and never get to relax. For instance, this weekend. I got in at like 4AM on Satruday morning from Wisconsin. Slept 'til 11am, hung around here for a while then made the hour dirve to Lexington to load the stuff and go visit with sparklymegz. I made it back home about 4AM this morning, slept 'til 10:30AM. In ten minutes I will make the hour drive back to Lexington and spend a few hours with my kids, drive an hour back out here for the remainder of the dinner. Then, I may have to drive down to the storage place and unload a good portion of what's in the mini-van. Then on top of all that, I need to drive at least three hours tonight if I'm going to make it to New Jersey by Tuesday morning.

This isn't really a whine, though, just a window into my weekends :). I don't mind the running around, because it enables me to be with people I want to spend time with. But sometimes it makes me feel stetched-out, like people get neglected. I haven't seen my pal Kevin in months (but I called him yesterday and I think we're gonna try to do something next weekend). Ditto Dwayne. I've been meaning to meetup and go get some coffee with thawaltzingfool for quite a while, now; but never find the time. The time spent with sparklymegz last night was the first time in months (and I even missed her birthday party :( ). I've recently made new acquaintances in draysha68 and jainietrain, but the reality is I know I probably won't see either of them again for months and months, if ever.

Wow... I spent more time writing this entry than I intended. I need to get to Lexington.

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