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i'm ready for my close up mr demille
Location: Cardwell, KY

Sunday night I was playing hide and go seek with my kids outdoors. The backyard was really small, so it basically was a game of tag with some "token" hiding before the tagging began. On the back of the house is a chimney and the bricks have a terraced sort of design to it, so that once can run at it and take about two steps upwards and kick backwards, giving a Matrix-esque sort wall climbing sort of appearance. I've done this in the past, just for kicks.

So I was performing this manuever on Sunday when my son Jonathan was chasing me. As I kicked away from the wall he was running under neath me and in an attempt to make sure I didn't fall on him, I came down slightly at an angle and my left hit the ground quicker than my other foot, rather unexpectedly.

I knew immediately I had hurt myself pretty bad. I couldn't place any weight on that leg. I was positively certain I had broken it. Luckily, I was driving my dad's mini-van still, which is an automatic. With some assitance I made it to the van and drove myself to the emergency room. X-rays soon confirmed my suspicion. I was told I had fractured the end of my tibia. They put me in a splint, gave me a 'script for some pain medicine, and the name of an orthopedist to call on Monday to see what would need to be done. The Doc at the ER was farily certain it wouldn't require surgery, simply a cast.

What was really cool though, was they handed my a CD with my x-ray results on it to take to the orthopedist. When I got back to my parent's house I made a beeline for the computer and got the images offa it.

So yesterday (Monday) I got to go visit the orthopedist where he took more x-rays because he wasn't content with the angles theyt had chosen at the ER. He determined from his new x-rays that in addition to the fracture in my tibia I had also fractured a bone in my ankle, however, it was very slight and wouldn't warrant surgery. I put another splint on my leg since there is still too much swelling to put a cast on it. I have to go back next week andd see if the swelling has subsided enough to put a cast on.

So, all the complaining I was doing about running around and never feeling like I got a chance to really relax when I was home on the weekend.

Guess I'll be laid up for a good 6-8 weeks.

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Ugh. Ankle problems are THE worst. I sprained my ankle 3 times, in about a 6 month span. Each time I was drunk wearing ridiculously high heels. Anyway I was told by a sports doctor (whose credentials I've taken into question) that nothing could be done until the bone was clean broken. Friggin' asswipe.

Anyhow, I feel your pain. Hope it heels fast!

LoL. It would have been funny had I planned it, but unfortunately I'm just that stupid.

Thanks anyway!

sucks to be you, man.
rent a playstation or somethin.

oh now you're gonna know the coming weather with your ankle. i swear.

Suck! See? Remember that whole thing about never needing your medical insurance? Bet you're glad you have it now!

When I was 11 or so, I broke my ankle running from the pool in my backyard to catch the ice cream man. I took a shortcut through the kitchen and slid into the fridge. Hurt like a son of a bitch.

The good news is, thanks to you, I'm now addicted to Stellastarr.

were you able to find ample Stellastarr or would you like me to burn you some ? :)

yeah, glad i got the health insurance, but now i'm wishing ihad taken advantage of the short-term disability insurance :(

i'd like a copy of red rooster, please.

i still have all those i downloaded for you, but they never reposted all the others.... i'll hafta burn 'em fer ya :) it's somethingl ike a total of 23 version of Little Red Rooster that I have... plus, I can probably unearth a few more if I tried hard enough... although right now I don't have the bandwidth :(

dialup bites

Ouch, ouch, ouch. Being laid up kinda sucks, but the rest sounds like it would be nice.

At least you scored some sweet x-rays out of the deal.

yeah those x-ray pics are cool as hell, i think ima turn one of them into an icon and use it while i'm laid up :)

Ouch Soops, talk about bad luck. Who's next now?

You've started a trend:

more pain and suffering

Re: Comes In Threes?

did you break your shoulder?

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