It ain't pretty being easy... (soopageek) wrote,
It ain't pretty being easy...

During my lengthy period of being an invalid, I've decided there are two tasks I'm going to tackle. One of them is to completely re-burn my mp3 collection with a new naming convention and on all black media. On top of that, I'm going to then "double" burn it on cheap media. The cheap media is going to be the "usable" media, and the black media will be the "master" copies. When I wear out one of the useable media, I will burn a new copy from the master.

I'm doing this for several reasons, first foremost, to get a naming convention that is more conducive to use in mp3 players and secondly, to consolidate 7 years worth of collecting into a more elegant collection. I've saved lots of things over the years that I know I'll never listen to again. Finally, and most obviously, to create redundancy. I've lost stuff over the years because I've lost a disc, or a disc has become damaged. I figure it'll be simpler to have the redundancy than trying to find something again.

The other thing I want to do is to revamp the Beastie Boys site I run. See, the Beastie Boys have a new record coming out this June, so I was thinking it's something I should do, I just hadn't devoted any time to it yet. Well, time is all I've got for the next two months. I've been expecting a spike in traffic in anticipation of the new album... and boy has it happened. I usually average about 600-700 hits a week, with occasional forays into the quad digits. On sunday I had (drum roll) in excess of 5,000 hits... just on Sunday! And so far today, I've already had nearly 1,000. I did a little research through some logging tools at my disposalbe and discovered that someone posted my site link to Metafilter which was responsible for a lot of it.

I feel like a big time webmaster now or something. I feel I have a bit of an obligation to make the website look a little more presentable.

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