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The Slack Album
i'm ready for my close up mr demille
A pal of mine (lossfound) has been working on a project for a little while now and it's starting to take off. As some of you may or may not know/care... Jay-Z released an a capella mix of The Black Album to facilitate the job of would-be remixers. There is a whole backstory to this here (The Badger Herald) which does a better job explaining everything than I care to bother with... but to get to my point: lossfound started his own project some time ago, remixing the vocals from The Black Album with music from Pavenment's Slanted and Enchanted record, resulting in The Slack Album.

Over the course of the past couple of weeks, interest has grown from the purely academic interest of acquaintences to widespread interest resulting in over 1,000 daily mp3 downloads of Slack Album tracks. I urge you to check some of it out, as it's an interesting project, even if you don't care for either artist, it's an interesting lesson in the power of the personal computer and a motivated person. He's looking for mirror space at the moment, so if you have some bandwidth to spare, maybe give him a holler.

In other amatuer website news:

I did a design overhaul of my Beastie Boys website yesterday. I added a little color, made it a little easier to navigate and added a guestbook. Nothing huge or fancy, but it looks a little nicer I suppose.

Also... www.mp3indie.org has been resurrected. It's really just a website of inside jokes for people in the IRC channel for which it is named, but it may be of some interest to the general public. Naaaahhh, I doubt it.

I want to apologize right now for the number of times I will likely be making livejournal entries over the coming weeks. I don't have anything else to do except sit here in front of the computer and TV, so... as the snotty little bitches like to say in the bios of their attitude-laden/survery-overkill/narciss-what? journals: DEAL!!!!11!!

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but where's the funny stuff?

oh, my version of the website ceased to exist ages and ages ago... this current incarnation with the 'bot logs and dumpsite has been around for the past few years.. just not rather reliably :)

yo, thanks for the shoutout! although i wouldn't describe myself as "motivated," exactly.

if you are reading this i !really! could use mirror space! you can email at the slack album domain address.

oh, hey, and i'm not able to pull up mp3indie.org :( :( :(

it worked just fine when i clicked it....

it has to be http://www.mp3indie.org

http://mp3indie.org won't work for some reason

nope, still not working. (i clicked to begin with!)

it redirects me to "", which then gives me endless "Object moved" messages. is this your deal or is it somebody else's?

now it's not my deal... it's ilu's....

how about http://mp3indie.org:23

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