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advice for dieters

post two fo the day and it's not even 11am:

actually, i'm just gonna pimp out another person's journal.... some of my LJ friends are on various workout and diet regimines... i will be honest with you folks... i grew up with an overweight mom who for the better part of 3 decades went on various diets and work out programs with no success... so, i'm a little skeptical when friends and what-not say "i'm gonna do it this time! really!" etc etc... call me cynical, but i've heard and seen it all before....

that's not to say that it won't eventually be conquered... why did my mom fail so much? for several reasons: she wasn't serious, she was doing "fad" diets, she would "cheat" on a vacation or because it was "the holidays" and lose whatever ground she had gained then give up before doing the next diet.... but eventually, she did get serious... i'm proud to announce that my mom has lost over 60 pounds in the past year and half... with a goal of losing 100 pounds.... but she got serious about it and practical about it... she stopped with the Atkins-come-latelys and developed a practical calorie-intake vs. calorie burning/weight training regimine and stuck to it...

so here comes the pimping part:
lenaris recently wrote a no-bullshit journal entry about these things... infomercials and commercials for diet plans, supplements, and exercise equipment all try to make their various programs seem so easy and simple: like magic!.. this is not reality folks... even the low carb diets, with all of its success stories is meant to be a way to get weight off quickly, not a long term lifestlye choice... it's understanding the long-term needs in terms of exercise and diet (which varies from person to person) which keeps weight off and bodies trim... lenaris' story is one of success, but hard work... this is why, even though lenaris's story doesn't apply to me personally in any way, i was drawn in by the practical and quality advice that is there... i've been blessed with a metabolism where I haven't had to worry about my weight... and as lazy as I am, if I got fat I'd probably just be "well fuck it".... because i know it' s a lot of hard work and i have the utmost admiration for anyone who can do it...

i guess i'm pointing people to go read this because for those of you who think you're serious, maybe you'll realize you're not... or maybe it'll drive home that you really are and further motivate you.... and its ok if you fail again... alcoholics and addicts go through periods of soberness and falling off wagons in cycles before kicking habits forever... i've always kinda viewed weight loss in the same light... it is a concsious, life-altering decision to change the manner in which you live FOREVER... if you have a problem with weight and think you can drop it, then go back to eating pizzas and cheeseburgers, you're not serious... it sucks you have that proclivity, but it's the hand you're dealt, just the like the alcoholic who can never have another drink... "just this one" leads to "just another one"... the slippery slope of cheating as lenaris calls it

people with addicition talk a lot about denial, but the other side of that is acceptance: accepting that things change, forever, from now on... have you accepted that? or are you still beliving in magic?
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